Blogmas Day 9

Shop Locally This Christmas

Now this is something I do try to do as much as possible, if I don’t shop locally then I use websites such as etsy.  Whether you’re heading to that local craft shop down the road in town, that new vintage shop thats recently opened or your local charity shop. I understand that you may not be able to get EVERYTHING locally, but maybe you can get a few pieces locally.


So what are the benefits to doing your Christmas shopping locally?

Its great for the local economy. Research has shows that by spending £10 with a local independent shop means that up to an additional £50 goes back into our local economy.

It creates local jobs, the more we shop locally the more these independent shops the more jobs will be available, as people will need to have time off.

Better quality of service, local business owners will give you a better quality of service due to them being passionate about the shop they work in, and because they want to be there. You will end up walking out the shop with a smile on your face.

It creates a community shopping locally. People don’t want to lose their favourite shop. You get to know the people who work there by name, and they know you by name. That’s a lovely experience to have.


Personally if I am going gift shopping, before I even head to branded shops, I always look in charity shops, or my local gift shop, vintage shop, fashion shop. Because if I can give money to a person or a charity, over a massive brand, I would rather do so.

So maybe this year, see if you can buy some of your Christmas presents locally, and give back to your community.

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