Blogmas Day 10

The Best of The Best, Christmas Adverts 2016

Every year the big brands and shops and places come out with a new christmas advert. So today I thought I would share with you my top five christmas adverts this year.

In place 5, is Waitrose.
This advert shows you the journey of a red robin. Personally I love robins, every time I see one I smile.


Over a few days, this robin travels across the world, meets other birds and animals. But this robin is heading to a family. A young child in particular, to eat some mince pies. Here is where the robin meets a friend, and together they slowly eat a mince pie. As the young child watches.

Its very simple, its not fussy, but its sweet. “Home for christmas”.

In place 4
, is John Lewis.
Each year they really pull it out of the bag for their christmas advert. This year is no exception. If you have a dog or you like dogs, you will probably like this advert. It features a boxer, named Buster. Buster has a family that looks after him. The daughter dreams of having a big trampoline in her garden. As the daughter falls asleep, her father is outside in the garden, surrounded by snow, building the trampoline. Then out come the animals to play. First two foxes then a badger, a hedgehog and a squirrel. Whilst the parents are sitting in front of the sofa, blissfully unaware of whats happening in the garden. The only person, well Buster the dog, is aware of what is going on.


Then first thing in the morning, the little girl runs down the stairs and heads straight out to the trampoline, however Buster is a bit faster and launches himself at the trampoline and starts bouncing up and down on the trampoline. Whilst his family stand their in utter shock.

Like I said if you like dogs, then you will probably like this advert!

In place 3, is House of Fraser. This advert to me reminds me of a production. Whilst I prefer the original song by Bridgit Mendler to this cover. Its actually a very catchy song.


The advert really takes you around House of Fraser, it shows you the women’s wear, the mens wear, the beauty area, children’s area and more. Which is amazing advertising, as they are showing something for everyone. The dancing the boldness of the music, it all comes together.
” Christmas is coming for you”

In place 2 is, Marks & Spencer’s.
This three minute film tells a story, of a young boy and his sister. His big sister is always yelling at the young boy, as her younger brother does spray her with water and nick some of her things. But when the young boy knows he’s pushed his big sister too far, he writes a letter to Mrs Clause. Expressing that his sister really needs a new pair of shoes. This letter arrives just as Mr Clause is leaving to get on his sleigh and put the presents under the tree. However Mrs Clause takes charge of this gift, she hands delivers this to the house of the siblings. Christmas is therefore complete with the help of this gift, delivered just in time by Mrs Clause.


The acting and the warmth that this advert brings to you, is a little bit of joy.

Finally in place 1, my favourite christmas advert is from Heathrow Airport.
I just find this to be a little piece of magic, it is incredibly sweet, it simply just touches your heart.

The advert stars two teddy bears, a girl and a boy. Who are relatively old. They start by sitting on the plane, an air hostess brings them their coats. Slowly throughout the advert they make their way to the arrivals area in Heathrow Airport, they go past passport control and they check to see if they really are who they are, they hop onto the escalator. One of them creates a mess at duty free, and then suddenly they turn into grandparents as humans, there family runs up to them and they head home for christmas.


Its beautiful, funny, sweet and really special, it even brings a tear to my eye. ‘Coming home is the best gift of all’. That is very very true.

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