Blogmas Day 13

DIY Christmas Gift
A Festive Twig Candle Holder

Today I wanted to share with you a DIY gift, not everyone can afford everything, but we can all give something.

I just love this gift, its totally different and really special. This gift is perfect to give to someone on any occasion. But I like this gift.

This just screams winter time to me, its cute, its different, its even slightly festive and so easy to create.

You will need:
– A clear candle holder
– Gold, White or Silver Paint or Spray Paint
– Tea Light Candles
– Superglue
– Twigs


Step One:
Find a glass candle holder that’s clear.


Get outside and find some sticks, come home, wash them and leave them to dry.
This took about 1hr30 – 2hrs.

Step two:
Once your twigs are dry, lay them down flat, and get your spray paint, and start spraying. Then leave them to dry for a few hours.


Step Three:
Get your glue, whether that’s a glue gun, or some extra strong glue, and start attaching the sticks to the clear candle holder. (be carful not to stick your fingers to the glass holder.)


Then leave to dry for two hours.

I then found that I didn’t like the ‘gappy’ look. So I then went out and found some more sticks, and started painting them. Below in the photo you can see, that I then stuck these sticks on top of the other sticks, to disguise any gappy areas.



Step Four.
Add you tea light candle, and light, and breathe in that little bit of festivity.


Or alternatively, wrap up your gifts, and deliver them.


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A new christmas makeup tutorial has just gone live on my youtube channel too!





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