Blogmas Day 14

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

It is finally starting to feel a bit festive at home. Today our tree went up.

In all honesty our tree doesn’t normally actually end up going up till next monday.
Which I realise is quite late, but when my mum was growing up, her tree went up on Christmas Eve.

However the tree is up. This year we ended up getting our tree from Asda. It was meant to be £20, but when we went to pay, it had gone down to £10! Which lets be honest for a real tree is very very very, very affordable.



In the past we have brought our tree from the market, but last year, for a tree about the same size we have this year, cost us £30! Which is rather pricey.



The great thing about this tree, is that it comes in a plant pot, making it easier for us. In other words, we don’t need to buy a Christmas tree stand. We did however rap some brown paper around the pot, as it does make it look a bit better.


We could of course have a fake tree, but there is something about a real christmas tree that just adds a bit more of a festive feel to the room. Plus the smell of a real tree is delightful.

So I guess one thing you could say about our tree is that it doesn’t look traditional. You would be right on that. I don’t come from a ‘traditional’ family for christmas. So instead of having a star or an angel on the top of our tree, we have King Kong.


Back in 2007, I went to New York City for the first time with my mum. When we got to the top of the Empire State building, there was King Kong. For some reason, we decided there and then, that King Kong, would sit at the top of our christmas tree. So now nine years later, King Kong still comes out at christmas, and sits on top of our tree.



As for decorations on the tree, we don’t really tend to buy new ones every year. Unless we find something really different and special. But we have purple and gold ball balls. Some sparkly stars, as well as some gold stars, a few pine cones that have gold spray paint on them, and then two special tree ball balls.

The first one is a sledge with a teddy bear sitting on top of it. I remember having this decoration as a child, and we have continued to keep it and use it every year.


The second one, is father christmas sitting on top of a yellow taxi. Again this is another decoration we brought in New York, and its totally crazy, but it works.


In my house we don’t have a fire place, but we do have an antique rocking horse and above that is a shelf. Or a weird out of place mantle piece, which ever way you want to look at it. Every year we decorate this area, with a bit of fake holly, which we then decorate with a few ball balls and these amazing decorations.


We also have two polar bears. Spike, well he’s spiky hence the name. He came from a antique shop about five years ago.


The other polar bear came from Sainsbury’s last year and is called Rupert.

We also have an Owl. Snowy. He was brought this year from John Lewis. If i’m really honest, we put Snowy up when we brought him, he’s just been hanging around the shelf for about a month now!


We then have a few spare christmas decorations that normally end up on lamp shades. Random, but true. It just adds a bit more festivity around the house.

So this year, our tree may not be big, it may not be straight. But the christmas lights are on, the tree is decorated. And it truly is beginning to feel a lot like christmas.


Do you have any weird or unusual traditions that you do every year when decorating your house? I would love to know! Let me know down below in the comments.

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