Blogmas Day 18

A Festive Day In My Life

So I always start my day with breakfast. But as its nearly Christmas, a tradition
In my house when its nearly Christmas we always get Cods Roe, and we always have it on toast.
So for breakfast I had two slices of toast with Cods Roe, and a cup of tea.


Once I’m dressed, I take the dogs for a walk. I tend to walk them twice a day. It makes such a difference getting some fresh air, first thing in the morning.


Then its time to get on with work.
If I can I like to get my blogmas post done and saved in my drafts, so when it hits 6pm, I can quickly put my post live. It just makes my evening a bit more chilled.


So for lunch, I am having left over’s from last night with a twist. There is a dish we make regularly called Allotment Pie. But because I am vegetarian (I still eat fish) we have lentils in it. But the potato on top was eaten last night, so I am going to heat up some brown rice and have some lentils and vegetables with it for lunch.


Now because I am going out tonight, I need to paint my nails. So I am painting them in this gorgeous iridescent white shade from Natural Collection. Super pretty and easy to wear. At the moment I am loving using the Seche Vite top coat. I literally don’t even have to wait for my nail polish to dry before I used the top coat. I tend to leave the nail polish to dry for about five minutes, then I apply the top coat, and like two minutes later, I am ready to go, my nails are completely dry.


I think its time to wrap some presents. I have so many to wrap. For my mum and my family. My wrapping paper is from Sainsbury’s last year! Its so cute. As are my gift tags, they are so cute, a polar bear riding a bike, they where from M&S last year too.



Dog walk no2, just a short one this afternoon as I was out with the dogs for 45mins this morning. So this walk will be about 20 minutes.

I also ate a homemade mince pie, which you would of seen the recipe for on blogmas day 17, if not I’ll leave it here:


So I have honestly spent the rest of the day working on blogposts. But as I said earlier I am going out tonight, so its time for a shower. I thought I would share with you some of my current favourite products to use.


I am also loving using the St Tropez in shower Tan, I have it in medium glow. Honestly this is the best thing to use throughout the winter, to just give your skin a bit of a glow, it helps also to make sure my skin doesn’t look to pale and pasty. I then like to use a body moisturiser after my shower, and then these products for my hair.


Its nearly 6pm, so I am just sitting at my desk, writing this, drinking a cup of tea and im about to press publish on my blogmas day 17 post.

Makeup time. Makeup time. Makeup time. Honestly this is my favourite part of getting ready to go out, I love applying makeup, and creating a new look. So this is all of the products that I am using.


And this is what the makeup looks like.



So if you didn’t know already, I do agility with my dogs. I have spoken about this on my YouTube channel, but if you don’t know what it looks like, ths is it:

So I am out for my clubs Christmas party. The food was delicious, it was actually held at my local pub near home. I literally have to cross a field to get to it.

The portions where also amazing, and in general it was a great night.


Finally to finish my day, I am removing my makeup.
Again this is another part of the day that I love, I just enjoy spending a bit of time looking after and caring for my skin. Its super relaxing and then its time to sleep.




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