Blogmas Day 19

My Christmas Outfit

I wanted to share with you all my go to christmas outfit, its a little bit different and not sparkly, but I still like it.


So I found this dress in Marks & Spencer’s, it has a high neck, and it is lacy. You can get this dress in two colours. A navy blue and in burgundy. I went for burgundy as it was just a bit difference.

Personally I find this dress really flattering. I have curves and I find the dresses that are in that stretchy material, just don’t sit nicely on my shape. But this dress is very slimming and just a bit different.


My boots that I am wearing come from a brand called Bruno Premi, I brought them a couple of years ago, but they are really comfy to wear, and they give me a bit of height as well. I also find that they go nicely with winter dresses as well! (I will try and find some similar boots and link them below.)

I am in love with this coat, I recently brought it this year in October from New Look. I really wanted a nice smart winter coat. This just fit instantly, again its very flattering and slimming. Its also of course in burgundy. Not intentional, but its beautiful and affordable.


For jewelry, I kept it really simple. Sometimes it is really nice to leave the wow factor to the outfit, although of course wearing a bit of jewelry never hurts! So the necklace I actually picked up last year in a charity shop called Humanitas, its this gorgeous brass triangle shape necklace pendant, with a purple detail in a smaller triangle in the large triangle.The earrings came from Accessorize again also a couple of years ago. Finally my scarf came from a charity shop about 6 months ago from Oxfam.


What does your christmas party outfit look like?? Do you have any great finds that are worth sharing? Let me know in the comments!


M&S Lace Detailed 3/4 Sleeved Swing Dress £39.50

Bruno Premi Boots 
(I brought mine about three years ago, they are pricey but worth it, I have listed two similar options for boots)

New Look Burgundy Longline Coat

Humanitas Charity

(similar ones)



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