Blogmas Day 22

Diptyque – Figuier Scented Candle

I have always dreamed of own a Diptyque candle, there is something special and different about them. When I came downstairs this morning to walk into my living room to see a Diptyque candle, I was ecstatic to see it on my coffee table. So yes my mum was technically sent this, but as I still live with my mum, we can share it right?


The story of Diptyque started in paris, with three friends, an interior designer, a painter and a set designer. Together they transformed a small shop into a unique and stylish bazaar. In 1968, together the three friends created their first eau de toilette, over the years they created a series of roll-on perfumes, and of course scented candles.


Today Diptyque is known, as luxurious brand. With the scented candles and of course the eau de toilette’s. The scent that Diptyque offers is unisex and the scent of the candles fill the room. Even with the candle not lit, you can still smell the scent of the candle.


So the candle that I share with my mum is the Figuier. This candles is fresh with a bit of fruitiness with it. In the candle there are notes of, fig wood, fig leaves and milky sap. Its a fresh calming candle that not only looks beautiful, it smells beautiful.


Something different that I love about Diptyque is the packaging they come in, a beautiful white box with simple black writing. The scent of the candle is displayed in a the iconic oval. It is in the shape of an 18th century medallion. It also has the dancing letters, this is of course a signature of Diptyque candles.


Diptyque Figuier Candle
Available at Space NK, Liberties, John Lewis




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