Blogmas Day 24

Sometimes all you need is a big mug filled with hot chocolate.

Its Christmas eve, and one of my favourite things to do on this day, is to wrap myself up in a big blanket, put a film on and drink hot chocolate.

So today it only seemed right that I would share with you all this amazing hot chocolate – vegan recipe.


You will need:
1 mug of dairy free milk (I like rice or almond milk)
A handful of vegan marshmallows (Holland and Barrett sell them)
A few pieces of good quality dark chocolate (try Om Bar its amazing)
three teaspoons of Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (yup its vegan)


So I like to start by pouring my milk into my mug and then into my pan.
I tend to put it on a low heat. (if you are using a vegan milk, make sure to give it a good shake first – to stop it separating). Using a hand held whisk, start to whisk the milk.

Once the milk starts to get warm, this is when you add your Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate, make sure to really stir this in.

After about two minutes, its time to add your chocolate. I like to break up the chocolate – it makes it easier to melt. Again keep stirring your milk. I also like to adda few marshmallows here to make it even more indulgent.


Once the chocolate has melted, and your hot chocolate is hot.
Its time to pour it back into your mug.
I would recommend doing this over the sink, so that you don’t spill hot chocolate everywhere.


Once your hot chocolate is in your mug, sprinkle a few marshmallows on top. Then enjoy!


It tastes amazing, I would love to know if you made it, and what you thought.
(This could be made using normal milk, chocolate and marshmallows.)




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