Physician’s Formula Blondes Bronzer


Do you ever have those days, where you just cant be bothered with, blusher, bronzer and highlight? You need to get out of the house asap, but you still want to look alive?

If so, this is a brilliant product for you.

The Physicians Formula Ultra Glam Blondes Bronzer, is the perfect product to use if you are in a rush, or actually if you are new to makeup. You cant really go wrong with this product.


Sometimes all I want on my face is a bit of a glow, so when i’m in that situation, I always reach for this product.

This bronzer has some blush particles in it, making it really versatile. It also adds a bit of a glow to your skin too. I tend to apply this, as if I were applying any other bronzer. It adds warmth to my skin.


I must admit that packaging is a tad tacky. But if you can look past that, then you will find yourself a brilliant everyday, every work day, everyday your too busy product, that will give you a beautiful glow, and add some colour back to your face.

I must say, that this product is very pigmented, so don’t overload your brush too much if you can help it. I tend to tap off the excess of the product on the brush before I apply the bronzer to my face.

I believe that Physicians Formula also do a bronzer for brunettes as well.


Sadly Physicians Formula is an american brand, which does make it tricky to pick it up in the UK. However amazon do sell it but at a price. So if you are heading to America, or you have a friend who lives there that can send it to you, I would suggest doing it that way. But I did however manage to pick this up from TK MAXX, sadly with TK MAXX there tends to be one of everything, but you may find another product similar to this there.

I also want to say that this product is free of:

It is also, cruelty free and hypoallergenic.

Physicians Formula
Available at Amazon


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