Christmas Sales Haul


I always think that if you love beauty, the best time to go shopping is in the Christmas sales. You get the quality but sometimes up to half the price!!

So I wanted to share with you all my top four purchases.

I will start at the most expensive and work my way down in price.


I already really love Pixi as a skincare brand, everything that I have tried from them, I have loved. It also probably helps that Caroline Hirons loves them, and if Hirons says that Pixi is good, I believe her!


This travel friendly gift set includes;
Glow Mug Cleanser
Brightening Glow Tonic
Glow Mud Mask

 One thing I will always say about Pixi is that the ingredients are amazing. In all of the products I listed above, the main ingredient is Aloe. Which if you watch my youtube channel, or read my blog, I do tend to talk quite a bit about the benefits of using Aloe Vera in your skincare routine. 

However this cleanser has 5% glycolic acid which exfoliates your skin, which then gives your skin a bit of a glow. Because it is a mud cleanser it deeply cleans your skin and detoxifies your pores. (for me this cleanser is a bit too good for removing your makeup, but it perfect to use as your second cleanse). I really enjoyed using this cleanser, a little does go along way too.

Now im not going to talk too much about the Glow Tonic, as I have done an entire blog post about it here:

But I am really excited to have a mini, so that I can take it travelling with me. All I will say though, is that this product is amazing for acne prone skin as well as sensitive skin. Again the first ingredient is Aloe… Need I say anymore?


Finally a face mask, this is a product I haven’t tried before from Pixi. The Glow Mud Mask helps to stimulate, clarify and brighten your skin. It really brightens up my skin and draws out impurities. It did bring out a few spots, but that is sort of the point of this mask. The best thing that I noticed though, as that whilst it brought out a few blemishes. The blemishes didn’t hang around, they disappeared within 48hrs! In this face mask the main ingredients include, Kaolin, Sea Salt, Ginseng and of course at the top of the list, Aloe Vera.

 I brought this set from Marks & Spencer’s, it was originally £20, and I picked it up for £12. (it does seem however to be an in store only gift, however I have found it here on Cult Beauty for £20! Which I still think is a good deal)

The next product is a Christmas cracker from Essie. This features four nail polishes. I paid £10 for this, it was £20. Which I honestly still think is an amazing price, considering one nail polish from Essie is £7.99, so for four nail polishes without being part of the cracker gift set would cost you, £31.96. So even purchasing this at £20, is still a bargain.


This set comes with four nail shades which include:
Bordeaux – A deep dark red
Smokin Hot – a deep dark grey shade with a hint of muted purple
Fig – a classic pink manicure shade
A Cut Above – a sparkly pink glitter

I really feel that this set would be perfect for any nail polish lover. Even if the person is just getting into nail polish this gift is perfect. However for myself, well these shades add in perfectly to my already overwhelming collection.


Something that I love about Essie Nail Polishes is the longevity. Now of course no nail polish is going to last as long if you were going to have your nails professionally painted. But I can get up to seven days wear out of Essie nail polishes. Which from the high street is amazing!

Essie Crack A’ Colour
was £20 now £10
Available at Boots


Moving on to a total bargain, a brand that isn’t really spoken about, but should be. An Eyeshadow Brush Trio. Back in 2012, when I started training as a makeup artist, I loved these affordable brushes, that worked beautifully.

This set is only available in store, but this cost me 99p, for three eyeshadow brushes. Which is totally insane. The quality of Studio London brushes are amazing, given their price! These were originally £3, and I paid 99p!        

A M A Z I N G !!!


The quality of these brushes is lovely, they are soft, yet sturdy, they also blend eyeshadows out beautifully!

This is an in store purchase only. It doesn’t exist online. But it is well worth it.

Finally my last purchase was also from Superdrug., but it is by a brand called SugarBaby Vita + Skin. This product is a coconut infused, lip balm & lip scrub.


First let me start by saying how cheap this was!! It is normally priced at £4.75, so amazon tells me, I paid 45p!!!

I even remember thinking, wow well if this is terrible, I have only just lost under 50p! Hardly wasting money.

But I was pleasantly surprised. All of SugarBaby products are:
Paraben free
No artifical gragrances
Cruelty free

The products are also made in Australia.


Inside the box you get a 10g lip scrub, and a 10g lip balm. The scrub is pretty full on and quite gritty. But it really does work, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and healthy. The dead skin is easily removed. All I do is apply it, rub the scrub in circular motions on my lips, and then wipe away with a tissue.

I then apply the lip balm, which is really hydrating. My lips feel amazing and look good after using both of them.

Some of the main ingredients in these products include:
almond oil
shea butter
Coconut oil
Bees Wax

I cant believe what a circular this product is. Like I said it is an in store only purchase.

But its pretty amazing. If you don’t live in the UK or near a superdrug.
You can buy it on amazon here:




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