Why am I doing Veganuary?

What is Veganuary?
You basically follow a vegan diet for 1 month.

Let me start by saying what my food history is.

I was a meat eater, and I went off and on as a vegetarian. However over the last two years, I have spent time researching about being vegan. Half of my cookbook are vegan. So in April I decided to fully go vegetarian, well pescatarian. So I do still eat fish, but I have turned my back to meat, and in all honestly I don’t see that changing. 

For about two years now, I have not been drinking ‘cows milk’ I have been drinking ‘almond milk’. Which did make a massive difference to my skin. My acne and spots did clear up (they didn’t go away completely but it did make a difference).

Some of the main influencers for my diet change were; Niomi Smart, Deliciously Ella, Madeleine Shaw, and Livia’s Kitchen. 

I really started to research where my food was coming from, how it got onto my plate.

I don’t think I will honestly ever go back to eating meat. I don’t miss it at all. But I do enjoy eating fish. I know you could turn around and say to me, well your still eating an animal? Right? Well yes I am. But I noticed a difference saying goodbye to meat, such as Bacon, steak, chicken, ham etc. I didn’t feel as bulky. And I stopped getting that ‘sick, over stuffed feeling’ after I ate.

As for other things that I decided to remove from my diet, where Gluten and wheat. Now I don’t have an allergic reaction to these. I wasn’t rigid on this either. If I was out and about, I wouldn’t not order something if it had those ingredients in them. But when I was at home I wouldn’t cook with them.
Again I noticed I didn’t feel as bulky when I didn’t eat them.

So why did I decide to do Veganuary?

Becoming vegan is something that has been playing on my mind for about two years. Slowly over time I have changed what I eat. The ingredients that I use.

For an example, some of the staples in my kitchen include:
Medjool dates, pure vegan butter, almond or rice milk, buckwheat flour, coconut sugar, maple syrup of agave nectar, cacao powder, chia seeds, flaxseed, quinoa, nutritional yeast, tahini and coconut oil.


I have noticed that in the last two years, what I cook is a lot healthier than it used to be. Even though I am not a full on vegan, 80% of the food that I make is.


I also came up with an idea, if I wanted for example, some brownies. That’s fine. But I had to make it. This is what changed everything for me. I started to learn about what I was putting into my meals and food. I started to learn about the ridiculous amount of sugar that was being used.

 So this year, I decided to do Veganuary, I wanted to see if there was a difference. I wanted to see how it made me feel.

So as week one has just ended, I wanted to write a few lines about how its going so far. 

So one thing that I have really noticed is that I do feel fuller for longer. I am always having a source of protein or carbs with every meal. Some of my favourite foods that have these are: oats, chia seeds, beans, sweet potatoes, tahini.


I also haven’t had ANY bloating at all. My stomach definitely feels flatter. I also am finding that I have more energy.

Also I noticed which I sort of already knew would happen is that I am eating more, if you look at it as a plate of vegetables is never going to match the same amount of calories as a steak or even some sea bass. But I am not going over board at the same time. 

When you say ‘I’m doing veganuary’, I think most people sit there and think; ‘soooooooo what are you going to eat? Just salads?’ The answer is no.


Sure I have had a few salads, but with the help of the cookbooks that I already own, I haven’t eaten much salad. Some of the food I have been eating, includes;

Beetroot burgers, stuffed peppers, dips and pitta, homemade soup, butter bean pesto etc.

Also I have been snacking on things like; apples, cashew nuts, dried mango, smoothies.


The one area I struggle with, and to be honest before I even started veganuary I struggled with breakfast. Its just my least favourite meal. 

But I have been making blueberry squares from the Livia’s Kitchen cookbook. These taste amazing, and are easy and totally fuss free. I just pre-make them one evening, then when its breakfast I just pop one in the oven for 12minutes to heat up.


Smoothies are definitely helping, one of my favourite smoothies is a green chocolate smoothie. Its incredibly healthy, I thought I would share with you the recipe, because it really is amazing.


 Green Chocolate Smoothie

You will need:
A blender – Vitamix or a Nutri bullet.
1 frozen Banana
½ a ripe Banana
1 cup of Spinach
2 tsp of Cacao – its raw, vegan and has no added sugar! It’s also high in protein.
1 tsp of Maca Powder
1 tsp of Chia Seeds
1 tsp of Flax Seeds
1 tbsp of Cashew Nuts
1 Medjool Date – Pitted
1 – 1 ½ cups of mylk (if your not vegan you can switch this to normal milk)


Start by adding the spinach and bananas first to your blender as well as the medjool date and cashew nuts.

Then add your mylk.

Now add your powders and seeds. By adding the milk first your powders wont stick to the outer parts of the blender. 

Finally blend everything together for about 40-45 seconds, and enjoy!

Finally the last thing I have really changed is my water intake. This year one of my new years resolutions was to start drinking more water. And boy, I really have. I brought myself a water infuser from Wilko’s for £2.00 £1.50, I have been adding into this lemons, lemon and grapefruit. It makes drinking water less boring and a bit more interesting. The bottle I have is 650ml, I wish it was 1L but, hey for under a fiver that’s fine with me. I have been averaging on drinking 4 lots of water in this water bottle. Which means I am consuming daily just over 2 ½ Liters. Which is amazing.


My body is reacting really well to this too. My skin is looking a bit clearer. I am also finding that my skin is loving it too. My skin is a lot less dry, and its also looking a lot less dehydrated.

By drinking more water I also find that I am feeling more fuller and in some ways I get full eating a lot quicker.

Are you doing veganuary?? If so how are you finding it? Do you have any tips?

Are you full time vegan? What are your thoughts on veganuary?

I will be doing another veganuary update, but probably in early February, to see what’s changed.

Thank you so much for reading, do leave me a comment of what you thought about this post, I love hearing from you all.


Products I have spoken about:

Deliciously Ella’s Cookbooks:


Livia’s Kitchen Cookbook:

Niomi Smart Cookbook:

Water Infuser:



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