This Weeks Roundup

Hello, so this week felt very busy, as I did a lot of pre filming for a few weeks in advance as I will not have time to film. I also did a few blog posts for those weeks as well.

So on Tuesday I uploaded my Vintage Pomegranate makeup look, which personally is one of my favourites, it is an easy to wear every day gorgeous makeup look. If you haven’t seen it, just click on the photo below, and it will take you to that video!


Then on friday I uploaded a Claire Foy makeup tutorial. If you have Netflix you may of watched The Crown, which is a brilliant TV series, and definitely worth watching. I found this look of Claire Foy when she picked up the award for Best Actress in Tv Dramas at the Golden Globes, and I fell in love with the look. Again if you haven’t seen this video, just click on the photo below, which will take you to the video!!


I hope everyone had a great week, it has been rather chilly where I live in the UK and we even got a small, very small sprinkling of snow!! I am kind of hoping that next week will be a bit warmer!!


If you are on social media, come and say hi, again click on the photos which will take you to my social media page. I don’t have snapchat, but I do upload regularly on Instagram Stories!!




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