Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum

I have never really found an eye cream that wows me, that does everything I want it to do and maybe more. I have never stuck to just using one eye cream. I will use it up, but then I will change eye cream. 

However I have found a brand, that every product I try I love.


So when I picked up the Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum Triple Age Renewal Eye Cream,  I knew that I would like it.

Now i’m not saying this eye cream is now going to be the only eye cream I use. Because only time will tell on that. If and when it runs out, it will be interesting to see if I do end up repurchasing it.

But let me start by saying that I do really like this eye cream.

This eye cream is infused with hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for anti ageing. It helps to keep your skin look young, and it reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.
This eye cream is also infused with a blend of vitamins including A,C & E. These vitamins help to brighten up the area surrounding your eye as well as helping to moisturise, hydrate, smooth, refresh and reduce puffiness.


When I started using this, I only used it in the evening, as I felt like I would get the most out of the eye cream this way, as my skin would have a longer period of time to absorb the serum. However over the last few weeks I have been using this eye cream morning and night, and I do see a difference. The bags under my eyes are reduced, they are still there but not as prominent, also the skin around my eyes feels more hydrated, and they are less puffy too.

I would definitely recommend this eye cream for any age. Honestly I think once you hit your twenties, it is a good time to start using anti ageing products. It will help in the long run.


Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum Triple Age Renewal
Available only at Boots





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