Roundup Of The Week

So this week has been manic for me. I had to send my beloved MacBookPro off to be fixed, which sounds insane that I love my Mac, but when your job depends on your computer, its hard to be away from it.

So as usual on Tuesday my first youtube video of the week went live. Its part of a series, that is nearly finished. I started this series back in September 2016, it is all about not needing to spend lots of money to have amazing makeup and beauty products. So in every episode I have spoken about my top 5 products under £5, I have featured; mascara, eyeliners, palettes, blushers, bronzers… the list could go on and on. However on Monday I shared my top 5 nail polishes under £5. I have one more episode to go in this series, which will feature my top 5 products under £5…. Yup I am slightly scared about how I am going to work that out. But if you haven’t seen that video, click on the photo below to watch it.


On Friday I uploaded a Jessica Alba makeup tutorial. For me Jessica Alba always has this gorgeous fresh, sultry makeup look. So I just had to create a Jessica Alba look. This is a look honestly you can get away wearing in the evening as well as wearing during the day. Its a really sultry confident fresh makeup look. If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the photo below to watch it.


I also uploaded two blog posts this week. On Tuesday I shared a product that I love, the BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray. This is honestly life savour product, if you go to the gym regulary, or you find it hard to relax. Read this post and check out this product!!

An amazing thing also happened, I was nominated by Beauty and the Ballroom for the Blogger Recognition Award. Which is amazing, and it was honestly amazing to be nominated, never did I think that my little blog would be nominated.

On Thursday, I uploaded another blog post about a new eye cream that I have been loving. Its from Botanics, which is one of my favourite brands.

This week also had some amazing sunsets, and I made this delicious vegan raw cheese cake, the recipe was from Madeleine Shaw Ready, Steady, Glow cookbook.


I hope everyone had a great week, this post is a little late in going up, but I hope you can all forgive me!!

Thank you also to all of my new followers for following my blog, I really hope you like what you see. If you have any requests of what type of posts you would like to see, let me know in the comments. xx



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