My two favourite Oils….

I used to be one of those people who shy’d away from oil. Thinking it would make my skin or hair really greasy. When in fact it nourishes my skin, it hydrates my hair, it smoothe’s my skin, it softens my hair.


So my first favourite oil, has to be Coconut oil.

I feel like in todays society, if we don’t have coconut oil in the bathroom, most likely we have it in the kitchen.

The coconut oil you use in cooking, can be used on your skin and body in the bathroom.

There are two favourite ways I love to use coconut oil.

If I’m strapped for cash, or I’m going away, I will use coconut oil as my cleanser.

I like to start by using this to remove my makeup, I take ½ a tea spoon between my fingers, and rub together, then slowly I start to massage the oil all over my face, including my eyes.

Coconut oil really breaks down my makeup, its incredibly gentle, and really effective. Once I have a face of panda eyes, I take a warm wet flannel and wipe away. I then like to go back in again, with the same amount, but spend a bit more time massaging the coconut oil into my skin, as my second cleanse. I find coconut oil is really hydrating to my skin, it cleans my skin, without making my skin look or feel stripped. Again I just remove the oil with a warm flannel.

Now I do use coconut oil for cooking, and I often use it as a replacement to butter. But my second favourite way to use this oil, is in my hair. I have blonde hair, and its dyed, and whilst I try my hardest to keep my hair in good condition, sometimes my hair needs a bit of extra love.

So on days when I wash my hair. (I try to only wash my hair twice a week). In the morning I will run some coconut oil through the ends of my hair. This is incredibly hydrating, and if you use heat on your hair, the ends of your hair will love this. Again I don’t take much coconut oil, as a little goes along way. I tend to use just under one teaspoon, again I melt it in my hands first, then massage it into the ends and the lengths of my hair. I then pop my hair up in a bun, and get on with the rest of my day, until in the evening when I was my hair.

After I have washed my hair, my hair feels amazing, soft, smooth, less frizzy, hydrated and in better condition.

Some of my other favourite ways to use coconut oil are:
In food, it boosts metabolism
As a moisturiser
Oil pulling – whitening your teeth
It has a high smoke point – great for cooking
It’s a brilliant butter replacer in recipes
It boosts you immune system


My second favourite oil is Castor Oil. Now I only really started using caster oil around October 2016, so not that long.

There is one reason why I decided to purchase castor oil, is to use it for hair growth. Now probably not what your thinking, but for my eyelashes and eyebrows.

I find that both my eyelashes and eyebrows can become very dry and brittle. Using castor oil, helps to strengthen them and hydrate them.

Also I have really noticed that castor oil has helped me grow out my eyebrows, honestly its incredible how much bigger my brows have become and in quite a short space of time. I started to see a difference after 3 weeks.

Some of my other favourite ways to use castor oil include:
Fades blemishes – just use it directly onto the blemish.

Conditions hair
Hair growth – eyelashes, brows and the hair on my head.
Cuticle nail oil

Do have any oils that you would recommend? Let me know below in the comments.

Buy coconut oil here
(or go to your local Indian shop, you can buy pure coconut oil there really cheaply.)

Buy castor oil here



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