Roundup Of Last Week

A little bit late, but heres a roundup of last week.

On Tuesday I uploaded my January favourites, featuring beauty and a few accessories and unique items of jewellery. I can’t believe we are walking into February on Wednesday, which will mean there are only 28 days till my birthday…. Ahhhhhh
If you want to check out my January favourites, click on the picture below.


On Friday I then uploaded this gorgeous Charlize Theron makeup tutorial. I just think this entire look is beautiful, and actually its a look I have been creating again and again on myself. I think its really flattering and simple but it looks like you’ve made an effort without making too much of an effort.
Again if you haven’t seen this Charlize Theron makeup look, then click on the photo below.

Then on Tuesday I also uploaded a blog post about my new favourite lip products, which are by Collection.
On Thursday I uploaded another blog post about my favourite oils, sounds strange, but if you like to use more natural products for both skincare and cooking, definitely check that blog post out!

This week has been so busy, and in a few weeks I will open up about what is going on in my life and why I have been so busy. But for now I just need to finish and tidy up a few more things.


Come and say Hi, by clicking on the photos below, which will direct you to my social media sites!




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