Roundup Of The Week

Today I wanted to take a look back on whats happened this week, and talk a little bit about Veganuary now that its ended!

On Tuesday I posted my first blogpost for this week, which was about some of my favourites from January, its featured a bit of fashion, music, a drink and some makeup. I think for now I am going to do favourites every other month, and that includes on my youtube channel as well. Let me know what you think to that?

Then on Thursday I talked about my empties. Which is a bit of a weird subject. Over time I basically save up products that I have finished and I do a review on each product, on what I thought of it, would I buy it again! For me I love these posts, because you can work out early on whether you might be wasting your money on products. Every little helps!

On youtube this week, my first video was an Acne Cover Up. Whilst my acne isn’t always bad, I do suffer from it, and I have now been put on some medication, which I am going to do an entire post about. But none the less, I wanted to share my go to makeup, for acne cover up, and how I feel more confident when I’m breaking out. Click on the photo below to watch the video.


Then my final youtube video for this week went up on Friday. It was a makeup tutorial of the gorgeous Ashley Graham, who personally I find really inspiring. If you don’t know who Ashley Graham is, she is a model and has worked for brands such as H&M, as well as magazines such as: British Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated. Ashely Graham is a size 14 model!! Now to that I say, Go Girl!!! She is inspiring people all over the world that you don’t need to be a size 0 to be a model. Again click on the photo below, to see the makeup tutorial I did.
“Stand Up For Curves, Confidence Is Sexy”.


Moving onto Veganuary, in all honesty I started off feeling great doing it. But I didn’t make it the month if I’m honest.

I found that if I wanted to go out with friends for dinner, breakfast or lunch I struggled. There wasn’t a vegan option for me. I eat a lot of vegan food at home, and I don’t eat meat either, but I do eat fish. But I found that I was limited, and that isn’t fun. If you live in a big city, there may be more places for you to go out to eat, but where I live, there just isn’t. There is one place. So two weeks in, I decided to quit. I still love vegan food, that hasn’t changed. But I missed going out with friends. Lifestyle does have to come into it, life is about enjoying life and if you can’t go somewhere because they won’t have anything for you to eat, that isn’t enjoyable.

But hey, thats just my opinion. At the end of the day I eat 80% vegan, and I love it. But that last 20% thats enjoyment. Right now I’m not willing to give that up!


How was your week? What would you like to see in the next month here on my blog? Let me know in the comments!!






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