Grab your tissues, your going to need them!


I tried really hard not to read too much about the film before I went and saw it. I watched half of the trailer, and was in tears, so I booked tickets and I knew if I cried at the trailer, I would definitely be crying throughout the film. I was right!

The film Lion was adapted from the book ‘A Long Way Home’ which was written by Saroo Brieley himself. This film is based on a true story. 


So let me explain first about what this film is about.

In 1981 Saroo was born. Saroo lived in india in a poor rural area. Saroo lived with his mum, who couldn’t read or write, she collected rocks as a living. There Saroo lived alongside his younger sister Shanker and older brother Guddu.

The film starts when Saroo was five years old, wanting to spend more time with his brother, Guddu, he finds himself at a train station alone at night.


Saroo ends up going on a journey alone, travelling 1500miles away from home by train. Over night Saroo goes from living with his family to becoming a street child, falling asleep on cardboard boxes, eating as and when he can find food. Until one day Saroo ends up in an orphanage.

Not too long after arriving at the orphanage Saroo was picked by a family, who live in Tasmania Australia, Sue & John Brieley.

Over the years Saroo moved his childhood memories to the back of his mind, and ended up growing up with loving parents in a middle class family.

When Saroo moves out of home, slowly the memories start to come back. He almost becomes obsessed with the memories, even his girlfriend Lucy (Rooney Mara) cant help Saroo come back to reality.

After days, and nights spent looking at maps and google earth. Saroo finds home.

Saroo goes on a long journey, and because of the memories and the nights spent searching, Saroo remembers the steps to get back home. Home to his mum, brother and sister.


Love truly can be searched for, but it has to come from the heart of love to want to find it.

This film will have you blubbering into your tissue, it will fill your heart with love, then knock it all back down, again and again.

When I left the cinema I was a blubbery mess, my makeup had fallen down my face. (yes I did wear waterproof mascara as well). The word that I could only manage to get out was, WOW.

Moving onto the cast, this film has been cast incredibly well.

Dev Patel plays Saroo, and wow. Patel is an incredible actor, he masters the heart ache, the love, the dreams to a T. Patel also had to grow a beard for the part, and developed an Australia accent. It took Dev Patel eight months to prepar for the role, bulking up, writing diaries, visiting the orphanage in India.

However I do want to mention that young Saroo was played by Sunny Pawar, who in real life is only eight years old. When Pawar started filming Lion, he could not speak English. Young Saroo was touching, you felt the pain in Saroo’s eyes, something which I can imagine being quite hard for an eight year old to create.

Nicole Kidman & David Wenham act as Sue & John Brierley, and they too where perfect for the role. Kidman embodies a mum, and the love and care that she shows to Saroo is beautiful. However Nicole Kidman wasn’t picked by a casting director, she was casted by Sue Brierley (Saroo’s real mum Sue in Australia). Over time both Sue & Nicole became close, both of them were maternal and loved their adoptive and biological children in equal measures. When I learnt this, it meant something. It became more meaningful.

The film was developed by Australian producers Andrew Faser & Shahen Mekertichian, Google Earth helps the production team by gibing the crew access to their satellite imagery to use in the film.

If you find yourself wanting to see something real and honest. This film will take your breath away. It honestly is worth going to see, I believe that it is suited for anyone.


Over 80,000 children go missing every year in India. Part of the #lionheart campaign they are collaborating with Child Line India, Magic Bus India & Railway Children India. To help keep children safe in India, wherever they may come from.


Saroo in Hindi means Lion.

Have you seen this film? Do you plan on seeing this film? What did you think of this film? Let me know in the comments below.



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