Round Up Of The Week

Happy Sunday everyone!!

This week has been a really great week I’ve felt.

On Tuesday I started the week with something very relaxing, talking about my favourite face masks. There was a mixture of sheet masks and normal tube masks, the most expensive mask being £10, so it’s a post really suitable for everyone.

I also uploaded a makeup tutorial on channel all about my go to, Everyday Makeup Look. I filmed this video slightly differently to how I normal film, and the end result I feel looks great, I am so happy with it! Again all of the products I used are from Boots & Superdrug, and are all really affordable.

On Thursday I talked about one of my favourite brow products, and it comes from a brand who really dominate the brow products. Benefit. I talk about why I love this product, and how I like to use it.

Then on Friday I have scheduled a video to go live, and again I filmed this video a little bit differently to how I normally film videos. (I think its going to stay this way), all about my go to Lazy Evening Skincare Routine. We all have those days where we just can’t be bothered, we are tired and have no energy. When those day’s hit, this is the routine I go to, as its quick and easy, and off camera I can get it all done in under ten minutes!


So what can you expect to see on my blog this week. On Tuesday I am talking all about skincare here, then on my youtube channel Tuesdays video is looking to be celebrity makeup tutorial, on Thursday on the blog I will be talking about something thats going to be changing in my life and what its about, why my life is changing. Friday’s youtube video is yet to be decided…..

I hope you all have a fantastic week!



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