Rose Water

I think its normal to be sceptical about face sprays, do they do anything? Are they actually effective? Is there any point to them? Do I need them in my skincare routine?

If your answer to any of those questions was ‘I don’t know’, we are on the same page.


Face sprays are an area in makeup and skincare that I haven’t really dived into, im not even really sure that I need to dive into that area really.

But when I was doing a bit of shopping on M&S I came across this rose water for £3. My first thought was, well its cheap I may as well give it ago. As I waited for my rose water to come in the post, I did some research.

Rose water is supposed to be good for:
Tightening pores
Gently tones the skin
Calms blemishes
Its an antioxidant
It also helps to keep lines and wrinkles at bay


This rose water is organic and fair trade by Melvin which you can purchase in Marks & Spencer’s. Honestly their beauty isles are incredible and really underrated. So you can use this by soaking it into a cotton wool pad or you can directly spray it onto the face.

I have to admit, I sort of like using in both ways, because if you spray it onto the cotton wool pad, I feel like maybe the cotton wool soaks up some of the rose water, but this is a nice refreshing way to use it. But if you want to just spray it directly onto the skin, the spray is quite harsh, it doesn’t spray out finely, it also focus’s on one area, making it quite a harsh spray.

This rose water has made a difference as it is really moisturising, if your in a rush or feeling lazy with your skincare that evening, this is a nice boost to your skincare routine. I have also noticed that this spray has been great for hydrating my blemishes, which sounds strange I realise, but blemishes and spots can become really dry, which ends up making them look worse than they are, since using this spray, my blemishes are looking a bit more hydrated, making them appear better on my skin.

I don’t know if I would recocomend this, which makes me laugh as I write this blog post, but whilst it’s a nice product, its not a nesecary product to have. I don’t think I would repurchase this product, I may change my mind when I run out of this product.


Have you tried face sprays? What are your thoughts on them?

Rose Floral Spray
Available at Marks & Spencers



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