Big News

So for a while I have been talking about this ‘Big Thing’ that’s going on in my life. Finally I feel as though I can talk about it.

I am going back to university!!!


Yup, its totally crazy. I am going back to university to study Law.

Which in itself is completely crazy. I never saw myself going down that path. I have always been a creative person, from studying a foundation diploma in fine art, to studying as a makeup artist and working in the media industry. But I never truly felt as though I had found my calling.

Nothing really ever fitted together or felt like that’s what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved working in the media industry. I managed to get onto IMDB as a Makeup Artist, which was a really huge moment for me with three films. But don’t let the glamorous side of it foul you. Working in the media industry is hard, hard work, extremely long hours. As a makeup artist you are the first on set, and normally one of the last people off set. The hours are long, and whilst I was very lucky with the jobs that I did, most people want you to work for free. Which as an artist is horrible, after I had spent two years training, working on projects as I trained, to be told ‘we can only pay you your expenses’ is gut-wrenching. You start to accept this, because if you don’t take that job, someone else will. There is always someone else in line for that job.
Thinking about it long and hard, I didn’t want that lifestyle anymore. I didn’t want to never know when my next job was, and in all honesty I struggled to live the lifestyle of a makeup artist.


So I hand a few years to spend working out what I wanted to do.

Law didn’t just really pop out of no where. My grandpa was a well known lawyer in his day, my cousin is a brilliant lawyer too. However I always thought that because I came from a creative background that I wouldn;t suit studying law. I was wrong.

But one drunken evening a friend of my mums who is a lawyer invited me to go around the Royal Courts of Justice and see what the law industry is like, as well as talk to him and ask questions.

I saw where my Grandpa’s office used to be.


Even walking through the Royal Courts of Justice, made me feel like I had truly found something.


So I went home researched what I would need to do to become a lawyer. I would have to go and do a degree. It could be in law or it could be in anything else.

I picked law.

I spent months researching this, and I found areas that really fascinated me, and stood out to me. So in November 2016 I decided that I was going to apply to university. So I applied as a mature student through UCAS, my experience of using UCAS was really good, the site never froze and it was easy to use. I was lucky that my old school, (which is where I did my A Levels and finished in 2010), really helped me out. I am very thankful to them for that.


I picked three places, and right now, I don’t think I’m going to say where I am going. Because of me being a blogger, that would then tell the entire world where I will be going, and right now, I want to keep that to myself and my family and friends. I have been accepted somewhere and I have taken that offer.


I also visited my university last weekend and completely fell in love. It was like the city was screaming my name, telling me that this is the place for me. I now can’t wait for September to appear.


So in September 2017 I will be going to study Law at university. I am beyond excited, there are some particular areas that fascinate me the most such as; medical, criminal and mental health law. But as you can imagine there are of course other areas that also fascinate me.

I will be leaving home, which is scary. I think if I said I wasn’t scared people would ask why?

Something a lot of people have said to me is ‘WOW that’s a lot of work’. My response to those people is:

‘Any degree is hard work or a lot of work. If its something that you truly want to do, and are passionate about, it does involve a lot of work. But that’s ok, because I want to study law. I am passionate about studying law and fascinated in law at the same time.’

So I just wanted to let you all know my big news, I will still be blogging and doing my YouTube videos, that wont change. But I will end up becoming extremely busy. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

So 2017, really is going to be a great, adventurous year. Roll on the memories that will be created.


Come and say hello to me on social media, I regularly do Insta Stories and post on twitter regularly too. Just click on the image below.




  1. What a great post. I am so proud of you. I know also that you are determined to make the most of this opportunity and that you will do well. Love you lots. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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