20th-26th This Weeks Roundup

Hello Gorgeous Bloggers….

This week for me personally has been a great week. I started this week off on Tuesday with a blog post all about Rose Water Facial Spray… If you are someone who loves to have some luxury items (not at a luxury price) as an add on to your skincare, then you will love this post.

Then at six pm on Tuesday I uploaded my first youtube video for the week. I started off with a Kristen Stewart makeup tutorial. Now I love Kristen Stewart, I love how edgy her look is, and how she doesn’t really follow the fashion or makeup rules. That to me, makes her look different and brilliant. Click on the photo below to see how I created this look.


On Thursday I shared some really big news with all of you, and I love the post and how I wrote it, and all that I talked about. But I’m not going to spoil the post for you. If you are interested to see whats happening in my life in 2017, then you need to read my Big News blog post.

Then on Friday I shared with you all an inspired makeup tutorial from London Fashion Week, the Versus Versace show. I loved this show, I only wished that I could of been there to really experience the drama that the show entailed. But I was really inspired by the edgy and punk makeup look, that I had to recreate it for my channel. Again click on the photo below to see how I created the look.


Next week is also looking to be a great week, I am really excited about some of the posts and youtube videos coming up.

I hope you had a great week. Can you believe that there are only two days till the end of February? How did time manage to go so slow back when I was like 7?? I swear now a month goes by and you blink and you may of missed it!

What happened to you this week? I would love to hear from you in the comments, and let me know if anything amazing or really positive happened this week!




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