Lottie London ‘All About That Base’ Foundation Stick


When I heard that Lottie where bringing out a makeup range, I got quite excited. Previously in Superdrug they just sold, makeup brushes, nail polish, lip balms and brush cleansers.

I had used their lip balms, makeup brushes and brush cleanser in the past and I had really liked their products. So I thought testing out their makeup would end positively……

I am a big fan of foundation sticks, there are a few things I love about them:
Easy to use
Travel friendly
Simple and quick
Blends quickly

So when I saw the Lottie London ‘All About That Base’ Foundation stick, I had to try it.


This foundation claims to be a full coverage matte foundation. It has also been formulated with vitamin E and C.

Starting off with the postives. This foundation is available in 10 shades, ranging from light to dark.

The packaging is very cute, as its all in black, with white writing. However I will say that the material of the packaging is quite a cheap plastic.

You get 9g. Which isn’t much. But we will keep going…


When first applying this foundation it seems very creamy. Which of course makes it easy to blend. The colour is a perfect match for me, I went for Ivory.

I blended this in using a damp beauty blender as that will give me the fullest coverage.


This isn’t full coverage. Let me start by saying that. When a product says full coverage, there are two foundations that instally spring to my mind of what that foundation is up against.

High Street – Seventeen Stay Time Foundation
High End – Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

To me both of those foundation are long wearing and full coverage.

I decided to carry on applying the foundation. I did this by applying strokes of the foundation around my face. I did one layer, and I wasn’t satisfied. I gave me less coverage than the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. So I went in for a second layer. I focused this layer on the centre of my face, blending out.

Whilst yes the second layer did add a bit more coverage, it didn’t make it full coverage. I would say this is honestly more of a low to medium coverage foundation.

However as the day went on, the foundation did not stay on my skin. It first started to come off around my cheeks, then it started to leave my skin through my t-zone. So this is not a long lasting foundation.


I am however going to try this again using a buffing foundation brush to see if that makes a difference.


When buffing the foundation into the skin with a buffing brush, it blended in really easily.

I notied when I finished applying the foundation that it did have a bit more coverage. Definitly not full coverage though. But it did even out my skin tone a bit, however it didn’t really cover any blemishes.


However as the hours went past, the same thing happened. Its like the foundation oxidises, it just doesn’t remain on your skin. It initially started to dispear on my cheeks, then it started to go on my chin.


So it seems no matter how I apply the foundation, it is not long lasting.

I will say however that when it came to applying the rest of my base products on top of this foundation. All of the products worked really nicely on top.

This foundation isn’t a super long lasting foundation. I found even though I used high coverage concealers I still had to do a few touch ups throughout the day, but that actually made the foundation disappear more quickly.

So heres the big question… Would I recommend this product? Um…….

If you are someone who has flawless skin (i.e no blemishes at all), you would probably quite like this foundation, as its easy to blend and it will probably just even out your skin tone a bit.


However if you are someone who is into your makeup and knows what a full coverage foundation is like, and if your someone who owns more than three foundations. Don’t waste your money!


Lottie London 
‘All About That Base’ Matte Foundation Stick
Available at Superdrug



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