B. Beauty Blender

I have a slight addiction to trying different brands of similar products. Especially when it comes to applying makeup.

Having never actually tried the original Beauty Blender, I have always loved the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I think it applies cream and liquid products beautifully to the skin. I also find that it works well dry or damp.

But when I was in Superdrug about two months ago, I came across the B. Blending Sponge. Again this is another take on the Beauty Blender. But this was priced at £4.99 but was on offer for £2.49. I have used a lot of B. products in the past, and have loved most of them, so at under five pounds I thought it was worth giving it a go.


This sponge is in a tear drop shape, making it easy to reach all of the contours of your face. The bottom of the tear drop, is normally what I use to apply the bulk of my foundation or base, then I use the tip of the tear drop to apply concealer. Then if I am using a cream contour I use the sides of the sponge.


This sponge is latex free, you can use this with liquid and cream products. But you can also use this with powdered products, perfect if you are someone who likes to bake.

So my initial reaction first to this sponge was that it was quite stiff. I found that even if I drenched it in cold water it didn’t give much, the sponge did grow a bit, but not much. Which then of course didn’t help when I wanted to blend my foundation out.

However the next day I used warm-hot water to drench the sponge, and this made such a big difference. As soon as the sponge became a bit warm, it doubled in size. It also made applying my foundation, concealer and contour so much easier.

dampening the beauty blender

This sponge really helps you to create that flawless airbrushed makeup look. It is really easy to use, and I tend to just bounce my products into my skin, in the same way that I would use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I will say though that this sponge doesn’t work as well when it’s dry.

This sponge is just as good, and is currently on offer. I picked up one, fell in love, and I had to go back and get another one.

no makeup and makeup

I am often asked how do I wash my beauty blenders? When I was training as a makeup artist, my tutor at the time gave me a great tip, pop in along with your clothes when you are washing them. I initially thought, ‘won’t my makeup stain all of my clothes’. I was wrong it doesn’t. But it does mean that your sponges come out clean and disinfected.


I truly think this sponge is a great product, its really affordable, and it honestly works just as well as the Real Techniques one, but it is even more affordable.


Have you tried out any dupes for products that you think are amazing? Let me know in the comments!



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