Be Grateful About Your Body

I recently watched a video by Madeleine Shaw, called How To Be Body Confident. It really got me thinking about how I view myself, and how I should view myself.

The media suggests that we should look like a supermodel, we should be thin, we should look a certain way. But thats not really possible. The media shows the best parts, they never show themselves when they eat two or three slices of cake, or when they have a massive spot on their face.

fad diets

Everyone, including you, including me. Our bodies are built differently. Some of us have tiny waists and big boobs, some of us have more prominent hips and small boobs. Some of us have bigger thighs than others. Thats ok.

Its really important to be you. You never know someone might be out there wishing they had your body shape. Its also important to set realistic goals. Such as making it to the gym three times a week, or only treating yourself on a weekend.

We don’t all have the time to be in the gym five times a week, but we also dont all live the lifestyle of having someone cook us lean meat or fish every day. Its important to be realistic about your situation, and your body.
Its also important to be grateful about certain parts of your body. For me these include:
– My shoulders
– My tiny ears 
– My lips – not too small but not too big
– My hands – they are quite small

But its important to find those areas of your body that you love, and that you can be grateful for. I’m not saying everyone is going to love their entire body, because in all honesty I’ve never met someone who does love everything about their body.

But I wanted to share with you three things that I think make a difference for me and my body and how I am slowly over time begining to love my body more and more.


Eating right.

A lot of people can be really judgmental about what you eat, are you a vegan? Are you vegetarian? Do you eat meat?

Eat what feels right for you.

I was recently a vegetarian for about ten months, and for about the last two months, I really started to crave meat. I didn’t do anything about it, and I just ignored my cravings.

But I suddenly realised, that you should be feeding your body what it craves. By denying your body certain foods, I’m not sure that you are really doing your body any good.

So after ten months as a vegetarian (I was still eating fish). I went back to eating meat. I can’t tell you how good I now feel. Its like I was denying my body what it craved and now that I’m back eating what it craves, my skin has improved, my skin is also a lot more glowy, I am less bloated and I hardly crave.

Whilst this may come as a bit of a shock to everyone, because I did state that ‘ I can’t see myself ever going back to eating meat’. I am not putting a label on what I am and what I eat.
I still love incredibly beautiful vegetarian food. I still love eating gorgeous vegan food. But my body craves meat, and I shouldn’t deny it that.

So my way of doing this, is that I only eat organic meat. Whilst yes the animals still end up going to slaughter. By choosing to only eat organic meat, it means that whilst the animals are alive, they are living a better quality of life.
During the week I tend to stay healthy, and on the weekend I do like to treat myself a bit more. But I do this by actually baking healthy vegan treats. That way I get something delicious and sweet, but also I’m not overloading my body with too much sugar and in general rubbish ingredients!

good healty food



Now this might seem a strange one to put in here. But over the last two years I have really started to get into meditation. This is the time when I can really concentrate on my body, my mind, and give my body and mind some love.

There are two types of meditation that I like to practice every day.

The first one is a chanting meditation. This meditation is practiced by buddhist.
Last year I went to a chanting session with a friend of mine, and fell in love with this way of life and how I can integrate it into my way of life.
The chant that you repeat is:


This means

Nam: Meaning to devote or dedicate oneself.
(spending a bit of time just for you is really important to do every single day)

Myo: Meaning learning to solve your own problems and those of others.

Renge: Means lotus blossom. This flower is pure and fragrant. In life this means we should look for the beauty and dignity of humanity, and bright to the front of our awareness the sufferings of daily reality.

Kyo: This means sutra, which is string or thread. Bringing everything together and looking at life in a positive way.

I tend to do this chant every day, for about five minutes. I either speak it out loud and chant that way, or I chant in my head.
When I chant I have goals in place of what I want to achieve, this helps me get to them, and helps me get there in a calm way.
So at the moment I am chanting my way to get to university. I suffer with anxiety, so this is really important.
But I also find that if I am out and about, and I suddenly become really anxious or I think that I may get a panic attack, I chant in my head. It helps to remove myself from the current situation and focus on something positive.

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo 5 Minute Meditation

The other type of meditation I like to do is before bed. This is when I always look up Madeleine Shaw, her meditations aren’t very long, they are around the ten minute mark. But I find that they relax me ready for bed. I tend to do these lying down or sitting against the wall in bed. These meditations help to remove the fog and stress of daily life before bed, and they truly make a difference. I am able to fall asleep quicker and more peacefully, meaning when I awake, I wake to a fresh start, and a positive one, as I have had a goodnights sleep.

Madeleine Shaw Meditations


Create a positive body image.

Like I previously have said, the media creates a negative body image on how we should look, what we should eat. etc.

Part of loving yourself, is finding a positive body image.

There is one model, I really want to talk about, who has given me so much confidence.

Ashley Graham.

Ashley graham, is a model. Yes you could call her a plus size model. But really she is a model. Her size shouldn’t change her. Ashley Graham, has a beautiful figure, making her the perfect body confident giver. Ashley has been features in Sports Illustrated, she has also started a campaign called #curvesinbikinis. Making the world see that it doesn’t matter what size you are, you are beautiful, and you can wear a bikini.
Ashley also walked as the first curvy model in fashion week for Michael Kors, which is amazing, and hopefully other designer brands will pick up on this, and show models who are real and appear realistic to the rest of the world! Go Ashley!!!
I follow Ashley on Instagram, and the love and positivity that she puts out, is amazing, and very inspiring. ashley graham

If you don’t love your body – who will?

Do you have any tips or inspirational people that you look up to? Let me know in the comments!




  1. This is a great post! It is so important to love your body even if doesn’t match what the media tries to tell us to be. Confidence starts in loving yourself. I think it is great that you posted about this. More people need to be open about their body, and teach young women that it’s okay to have curves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for this comment. This just made my day! I just thought it was really important post and it’s something we all need to think about. We may not all be perfect, but if we don’t love or even accept ourselves. No one else will. Much love to you Distressed Beauty x


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