Last Weeks Roundup

Sorry for the delay of this weeks roundup, I was really busy this weekend, and completely ran out of time and energy…. Oops!!

On Tuesday, the first blog post went live, all about; B. Beauty Blender.
This is a new product that I tried out, and I have fallen in love with it, to the point that I reach for it every day now! This is a copy of the original beauty blender, but that doesn’t mean that its not good, because it really is! And its affordable – Bonus!


I also uploaded a youtube video as usual on Tuesday, this video was all about my go to Minimalist Makeup Look. Sometimes we all run out of time, but we still like to wear makeup, when I have literally five or ten minutes, this is look I always go for!


Now moving onto Thursday, on Thursday I posted a blog post about being Grateful About Your Body. This was something that I had been working on for weeks, trying to write everything that I wanted to say, I kept adding, leaving the post, coming back to the post, removing phrases etc…. But I am so proud of myself and the post. I talk about my top three tips for loving yourself, I also talk about positive inspiration, and loving your body! I think so far this year, this is my favourite blog post that I have written!
love your body
Finally on Friday, I shared with you all on my YouTube channel (if your not subscribed, please subscribe), my Winter Edition Pamper Routine. Because you know what, sometimes we all just need to give ourselves some love. By taking 1 hour out of your week, and focusing on yourself, turning your phone off and just relaxing is really important, and it helps to ease some of our stress!


I hope you all had a brilliant week, I still feel as though I am recovering from going to Crufts on Sunday…. I am knackered! But hopefully tomorrow I will feel a bit more awake!


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