Vichy Normaderm Night Detox

 I love Vichy as a brand, they are technically drugstore, but I would price them at the higher end of drugstore. You can in the UK find their products in Superdrug & Boots. However I have managed to find a slightly cheaper place to purchase them from.

If you find a one off pharmacy, they often sell Vichy. However I’ve learnt that they actually sell it at a slightly cheaper price.

So when I was browsing in a one off pharmacy near where I live, I saw this Vichy Night Detox, and I thought that I would try it.


This is a product you use just at night. It is designed to be used on skin which is oily, blemish prone or if you suffer with an over production of sebum during the night.

When using this serum it is supposed to:
Control the sebum, which is produced.
Imperfections appear reduced.
Pores are tightened.
Radiant complexion.
Even skin texture.
Skin feels clean.


I would actually agree with all of these statements. During the week I like to do one pamper routine and also one really deep clean. I tend to use this when I do my deep clean. I have to admit especially when I have blemishes I reach for this product, it really helps to calm them down, but it also helps to reduce the appearance of any pores.

When I wake in the morning my skin is definitely more radiant and my skin does feel clean.

I haven’t noticed a difference yet of seeing my skin look more even in texture, but that is something that I’m sure will take a bit longer to see a difference.

The texture of this serum is really light and not at all greasy, I still like to apply a moisturiser in the evening when I use this. So I tend to put this on about 6pm ish, and then by the time I go to bed about 10;30pm, it has really had a good amount of time to sink into my skin, and my skin can absorb it. Then I can apply my evening moisturiser.


One of the main ingredients in this skin detox serum is salicylic acid which is a known ingredient to help blemish prone skin.

Over all I really enjoy using this product, and I have started to notice a difference. I would say that this is probably more suited towards oily and combination skin types, especially if you suffer with large pores which are visible and blemishes. It has become a product that I look forward to using when I have blemishes, as I know it will help them!

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox
Available at Pharmacey’s, Boots & Superdrug




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