Essence 2in1 Makeup & Conceal Foundation


Essence have done it again. They have produced another brilliant foundation.

I am always on the lookout for affordable good quality makeup, in fact its sort of become a bit of an addiction. Why pay more when you can have amazing quality for less?


So this foundation is a full coverage camouflage foundation. I wouldn’t say that it was a concealer as well, but in all honesty I wouldn’t say any foundation doubles up as a concealer too, of what I have tried and found.

This however is a very full coverage foundation, and works beautifully with a beauty blender as well as a kabuki type foundation brush.


The consistency of the foundation is light and really creamy, making it easy to blend into the skin. The colour match which I got which was Ivory, was the perfect colour for my skin.


Once the foundation has been blended onto the skin it is incredibly weightless, and not at all cakey it also doesn’t give the ‘mask’ like effect, which is amazing.


Whilst the description of this foundation says that it gives a matt finish, I would disagree on that, it is more of a satin finish on my skin. It gives an even finish whilst still allowing your skin to have a bit of a glow, which I love. I will also say that the colour range is terrible. There are three shades to chose from. Which is crap, lets be honest.

I think this foundation is incredibly good value for money at £3.80, and it is worth well anyone looking for a full coverage foundation giving it a go.


I find that I am always even more surprised at the quality of Essence products, they always shock me on performance and quality of each product! They have actually come into play, as one of my favourite go to brands!

Essence Camouflage 2in1 Makeup & Concealer
Available at Wilko’s in the UK




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