Good Things Pore-fectly Face Scrub

Its been a while since I have found an amazing face scrub. This one though…. Ooooooe its a goody!!

So let me start by saying what my skin type is, I have combination skin. Through the winter my skin can become dry, however in spring & summer, my skin is oily through my t-zone, with blemishes and blackheads, and then on my cheeks its roughly normal to a little bit dry.

So when it comes to finding an exfoliator for my skin, I want something that it actually going to help my skin. This exfoliator is beautiful though! I can honestly say that!


The Good Things Pore-fectly Clear Face Scrub is designed for oily and blemish prone skin types. It works by drawing out impurities, unblocking blocked pores, and helping to remove black heads. Now no skincare product is ever going to magically fix our skin, its important to remember that.

This exfoliator is infused with pomegranate, willow bark, caffeine and kaolin. These ingredients help to draw out impurities, reduce the redness of our skin and rebalance our skins oil levels.


I like to use this exfoliator twice a week. Once I have spent about a minute massaging this exfoliator into my skin in circular motions, I like to leave it on my skin for about five minutes, kind of like a mask. This exfoliator doesnt say to do that, but I find that by doing this I get the best results. Once I remove the exfoliator, my skin feels clean, and fresher, and my pores dont look as obvious. I have been using this exfoliator for about two months now, and I can honestly say that the redness on my skin has reduced! I used to be really red around my nose, and on my chin, but I’m not as red in those areas anymore!


Good Things is a brand by Alice Hart-Davis, who has had years of experience in the beauty industry as a journalist. Alice Hart-Davis also said this quote, which I think is amazing

‘And I do know that beauty is much more than skin deep, but also that we live in a fickle society where we habitually judge each other according to how we look, so we may as well try to look our best.’

Good Things is specially designed to make the most of young skin.
Good Things is also free from:
Mineral Oils
Sodium Laureth
Animal Ingredients.

It is also suitable for vegans and vegertarians.


So if you have blemish prone skin, and you are looking to try a new product, that also happens to be affordable, definitely check Good Things out. I know I will now be purchasing a few more products from the entire range too!


Good Things Pore-fectly Clear Face Scrub
Available at Boots



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