Makeup Gallery Review


This week I have been trying out Poundlands makeup…. Which is called ‘Makeup Gallery’.
I am the type of person who is always on the hunt to find amazing makeup products that are affordable. I have read some mixed reviews on the Poundlands makeup line, but at £1 for each product, I thought that I would test it out for myself.


I picked up three products, there was not any testers, so I had no idea what I was really buying. So, I brought:

Make Up Gallery Flawless Foundation = Warm Ivory
Define & Conquer Contour Kit = Light
Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick = Pearl Sheen


So the foundation is said to be a long lasting, mattifying formulation. Its meant to have UVA/UVB filters – but it doesn’t tell you anywhere what SPF the foundation has…
The foundation has also been enriched with Vitamin C and sea minerals. The foundation comes in eight shades, I would say that the colour range isn’t amazing, it goes up to a medium skin tone.


When applying the foundation I noticed straight away that this is not a matt foundation. In fact its quite glowy on the skin. It does however blend in really easily, and I found that I needed two layers to get a low-medium coverage. A little bit however does go a very long way. The packaging is really good actually, personally I love foundations in squeeze tubes, as it means you can get every last drop out of the foundation. The glossy black packaging pared with the white writing, makes it easy to read and see.

no makeup - 2 layers of foundation

After a while of having the foundation on your skin, it does start to change colour, I find that it became a bit more warmer, almost orangey on the skin. So it may be worth picking a paler shade if you want to purchase this foundation. However it is still in place and the foundation has given my skin a gorgeous glow.

Makeup Gallery
Flawless Foundation
Available at Poundland


I love trying contouring products out. This is a powder contour with a cream highlight.
This set comes in three shades, light, medium & dark. The quality of the contour powder really shocked me, its a bit powdery but on the whole, it has quite a buttery texture to it. It blends in beautifully as well, and gives a natural contour finish. I would say if you are looking for a stranger contour, then go up a shade.

The cream highlighter, is ok. I wouldnt say its amazing. It has a yellow tinge to it, and I think if you use this cream highlighter as a base, it works really nicely underneath a powder highlighter.


Also the contouring palette is enriched with vitamin E. The packaging is really cute, I wish the pan was a bit bigger, I couldn’t fit in my usual contour brush into the pan… But the packaging is a mix of clear and black plastic, it has a look of a good quality product.


Makeup Gallery
Define & Conquer Contour Kit – Light
Available at Poundland


The last product I picked up is the Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick, they have four eyeshadow sticks to choose from. But I went for this one as its a useful shade to have.


This eyeshadow stick glides onto the lids, it is easy to blend out either with a brush or your fingers. It has pretty good coverage as an eyeshadow stick, it covered any veins that may show though normally. The colour is really pretty, and perfect for spring.


I find that this eyeshadow stick looks amazing just by its self, it really helps to open the eyes up and make them look a bit brighter and awake. But I find that it also works as an eyeshadow base. This dries down quite quickly but it still leaves a gorgeous glossy finish to the lids. When applying eyeshadows on top, they blend in really easily and smoothly.

Makeup Gallery
Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick
Available at Poundland

I think the eyeshadow stick has to be my favourite product from these three products. I just love how easy it is to use.

However if you are just getting into makeup, I would definitely recommend this range, as it is really affordable and for what you pay, the quality is really really good. I will definitely be checking out a few more of their products next time I pop into Poundland.



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