Whats In My Bag?

I thought today I would do a classic blogger and youtube type of post… A simple, Whats In My Bag. Now I always love watching or reading these posts, mainly because I’m nosey. So today, you get to be a bit nosey here on my blog, and see what I carry around with me in my bag.


This beauty of a handbag is from Accessorize last year. I think I paid about £30 for it. I will link a similar handbag here for you if you like the look of this one.

I originally fell in love with this handbag because of the colour, is bold and beautiful. The strap is adjustable so you can make it shorter if you wish. I tend to wear it hanging over my left shoulder. There isn’t a main zip, but it does close with a magnetic popper. Its very spacious, so you can fit a lot it. There is also a compartment inside the bag which has a zip, this is normally where I keep my purse and camera if I am out and about.



In the front outside pocket of the bag, I always keep some chewing gum and this heart stone. I really suffer with anxiety, so when I feel anxious I stop, and take a moment, I hold this heart stone in the palm of my hand, and envision all of my anxiety energy going into this stone. It really helps. As for the chewing gum, gotta keep my breath smelling nice!


I then have my purse. This is an Osprey London purse, which I actually picked up in TKMAXX, it was £25, and originally it was priced at like £80!! So a massive saving. This is a giant purse, but it fits absolutly everything inside it, which I love. I have had this for about a year now, and it has not got one mark on it, it still looks new! Which I love. I went for a blue purse, because I love the colour blue. This is a large, but simple purse.


As you can see I have a lot of loyalty cards… from Nando’s to Boots, to Sparks, To Tesco’s, the list could go on and on.


I always carry around a nail file, you never know when you might break a nail! I always also have a small makeup bag. This makeup bag is a Clarin’s one, which I got with a Christmas set. Its the perfect makeup bag size to have in my handbag. It fits everything that I could possibly need, without taking up too much room.


In my little makeup bag I have.
Rimmel Clear Complexion Pressed Powder. This is a super light weight powder, but if I need to de-shine my face, this is a really good product to use.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is such a great concealer. Its really high coverage, and long lasting. Its a must have product, for on the go, for any touch ups needed.

EcoTools Lovely Looks 5 Brush Set. I always take a small travel size brush with me. This small powder brush from EcoTools is perfect, whether I want to blend in my concealer with it, or use it with my powder. It works perfectly!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Puker Gloss Stick in Nudist. This is just the perfect everyday lip colour. Its nude, it adds a bit of gloss and colour to the lips. Sometimes if I’m in a rush and I forget or run out of time to put anything on my lips. If I have this in my bag, I’ve always got something on my lips then.

Argan+ Nourishing Lip Balm. My grandma told me once that I should always carry a lip balm with me in my handbag. So I do. This one is really nourishing though.

Optrex Eye Drops. You never know when you may get something in your eye like dust. Or if my eyes feel a bit irritated, I always pop in a few drops of these. They are a life saver!


Now that we are in spring, and with summer just around the corner. Sunglasses are a must. These ones I brought from John Lewis about three years ago, and I just love them. They are just the John Lewis brand ones, but with the black and then the gold studs, they are awesome! If you are after a pair of similar glasses, then I have found some here. (the link to these sunglasses is pricey, but I couldn’t find any cheaper ones, sorry!!)


Now onto the random section, the section that tends to live at the bottom of my bag. I never used to understand as a child why, adults always carried a pen with them. Now if I don’t have a pen, it normally means that I will need one. So this is my pen, for those ‘just incase’ moments.
A Mirror. Because, hey, if I’m on the go, and I’m applying concealer, I need to look at where I am putting it.
As for the MaltEaster Bunny… I was hungry, it was 2 for a £1. So I ate one, and now this is just in my bag, for that emergency blood sugar level drop!


Also at the bottom of my handbag, usually this is where this Bush Flower Essence lives. Like I said earlier in the post, I suffer badly from anxiety, but I also suffer with panic attacks. This hands down, is the best product I have ever found to use for panic attacks. I plan on doing a full blog post about this product very soon.

IMG_023511 111 111 111 111

Finally when I am out and about, I always like to take a camera with me. Whether its one of my small compact ones, or my bridge camera or my SLR camera. I am one of those people, who love to capture a moment by a photograph. Memories and photos last a life time. Its important to capture them!





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