Spring Nail Polishes

When spring lands I always like to change up my nail polish, and go for something either more pastel or a little bit brighter.


Today I thought I would share with you my top four spring nail polishes, that all happen to be really affordable.
Starting off with the Barry M Coconut Infusion, there are two shades that I just think are simply beautiful.
The first colour being Laguna, which is this beautiful pastel blue, but its also quite a bright blue at the same time. This is the colour I am currently wearing on my nails, and it just works. It works with every outfit, and it adds a beautiful soft pop of colour to your nails.
The other colour is Flamingo, this colour is a vibrant but pastel again orange. Perfect for that little bit more of a pop of colour. This isn’t a shade personally that I find goes with everything, although it does go with my current handbag..
The Barry M Coconut Infusion is infused with coconut water and coconut oil. Which means as your wearing the nail polish it is hydrating your nails. I mean thats amazing right? The nail polishes also have vitamins B and C in them, which is really good to keep your nails repaired and replenished. This means that your nails will look brighter and healthier! 
The range of the Coconut Infusion is really highly pigmented, I still find that you need two coats however, but it gives the finish of a gel-like effect. Its super glossy, and it lasts really well, about five days on my nails without chipping. (I do wear a top coat though, and recommend that you do too, as it will help your nail polish last a bit longer.)
Also from Barry M is their Sunset nail range. My favourite colour is Empire State of Mint. This is as the name suggests a vibrant minty green shade. Now this range is a little bit different to other Barry M nail polish ranges, because it only works with the Sunset Day Light Curing Topcoat. This range gives the finish of a pro salon gel nail effect, without the UV lamp!
My favourite way to use this, is to apply two coats of the shade, then apply the topcoat. I would however suggest to leave each layer of the chosen nail polish to dry for about 6-8 minutes before applying the next layer, and then 10 minutes before you apply the topcoat. This range really sticks around on my nails, for about six days. The quality and the pigmentation again is absolutely amazing. And the range is also really affordable!
Finally my last spring nail polish favourite, is a more of a nude shade. Essie is honestly one of my favourite nail polish brands, and for good reason too. The quality of the nail polishes is amazing. Nail polishes from Essie last for about seven days on my nails. Which is incredible!!This nail polish from Essie is called Fiji. Its a really beautiful subtle pink nude. 
When applying this colour, personally I used a base coat first, followed by two coats of this nail polish and I always finish with a top coat – this really makes all the difference with longevity!If you are yet to try Essie as a nail polish brand, you really need too, its amazing, long lasting, highly pigmented, no chipping. Its a winner!
Do you have any favourite nail polishes for spring? Let me know in the comments!!


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