Superdrug Spa Charcoal Nose Strips

Lets be honest, does anyone really like blackheads? Me, No!!!!
So when I see a new nose pore strip, and its affordable, I buy it, and I try it.

So you get two in a pack, which is surprising, because on the packaging it doesnt say how many you get.
These nose strips are enriched with charcoal to help absorb excess sebum, it also helps to draw out dirt and grime.
Also these nose strips are cruelty free, which is something I really now look for when using any beauty item, and they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans!! YAYAYAYAY
I have sensitive skin, and these are suitable for all skin types, and they didn’t irate my sensitive skin at all!
On the back of the packet it says:
” With natural charcoal and volcanic ash to help absorb excess sebum. These Superdrug Ultra-purifying Nose Pore Strips gently draw out dirt and grime and help to remove dead skin cells, leaving behind visibly clearer pores.”
When I use a nose pore strip, I always make sure that I have removed all of my makeup first, and then I like to splash warm water on my nose, before I apply the strip, as this helps to open up my pores.
Once the strip is on, it does smell quite strongly of tea tree oil, which personally I dont mind. But if you are sensitive to smell, thats definitely worth noting. I find this strange, as there is no tea tree in the ingredients….
So far it has been on my nose for about five minutes and it hasn’t become stiff yet, although when I go to scrunch my nose, I can feel that it is heading in that direction.

After 12 minutes, I felt as though the strip hadn’t fully dried, so I kept it on for a further three minutes. Once the strip has dried it feels really stiff. However it actually doesn’t look any different the strip.


Oh My God… This really pulls out crap from your nose!!! I am always left so disappointed usually with nose strips, they normally do N-O-T-H-I-N-G!! But WOW!
I was left with a few bits of the charcoal strip on my nose, but this easily wipes away.

If you get grossed out easily…. Maybe stop reading here….

My nose feels now really fresh and sort of light, which is an odd feeling.
I also feel and look a lot less clogged up, which is the job of these nose strips to do.
I really agree with what the nose strips state that they do, it really has worked on my nose, which makes me so happy as not only do I want those blackheads to go, but I’ve also found a product thats affordable!! Hurrah!!
So really I can’t complain, the fact that you get two in a packet and the packet only costs £1.29, is amazing. I would highly recommend these to everyone!!
I brought two packets, because….. They where so affordable I thought why not!! Definitely go and purchase these!! You will love them!
Spa Ultra-Purifying Nose Pore Strips
Available at Superdrug
(I know it says x3, but in my packet I only got 2)….
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    • You never know some people do get grossed out by it. But I agree seeing results is very satisfying. I was honestly shocked at how well they did considering the price.
      I would however never spend much on pore strips as I’m not sure it’s really worth it. Glad you liked the post x


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