Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream

A new eye cream recently caught my attention. This one is from Superdrug from their Naturally Radiant range.
Whilst I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes, over the years my dark circles have got worse. So I like to use an eye cream to brighten up my eyes, reduce puffyness, and if they eye cream helps to reduce wrinkles – well thats just a bonus.
the eye cream and its packaging
I like to use this by putting about a pea size amount onto my ring finger, I press that against my other ring finger to evenly distrute the product. Then I gently massage this around my eye bone area. I’ve been doing this, with this eye cream for about a month now, and in the morning I look forward to using this product as it really does seem to be making a difference.
eye cream
You can see here in the photo below, how my under eye area used to look, and how it looks now. Personally I can see a massive difference. The area around my eyes is a lot less puffy and my eyes do look a bit brighter.
contrast and compare
This eye cream is infused with Mulberry, Kiwi and Sugar Beet, which really help to brighten and smooth the eye area.
Kiwi is a source of vitamin C, which is known to give your skin a bit of a boost. It also helps to even out your skin tone. The Mulberry fruit extract helps to reduce discolouration.
The Sugar Beet works as a natural moisturiser this helps to leave the skin feeling softer and looking more smoother.
eye cream in action
Also this eye cream is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, its also completely cruelty free. In fact all of Superdrugs own brand products are completely cruelty free. These days this is really important to me, I hate and I feel guilty using products that aren’t cruelty free, of course I still own products that aren’t, but I wouldn’t repurchase them once I have finished using them.
I think this eye cream is perfect for this time of year, its easy to use, its not too heavy for in the morning but it does still offer that great amount of hydration!
back of packaging and eye cream
Superdrug Natural Radiant Brightening Eye Cream
Available at Superdrug
Do you have any recommendations for affordable eye creams? Let me know in the comments. xxx


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