A Long Weekend Away…

I was originally going to do a ‘day in my life on holiday’ blog post… But I forgot to keep taking photos. So instead I thought I would share the highlights from my holiday with you!

So on Friday the 28th of April I went to Norfolk… North Norfolk. This is an area myself, my family and friends always go to a couple of times throughout the year. I love the location, the beaches are simply beautiful, friends live close by, and its also only a two hour drive from home. So its really accessible and doesn’t take long to get there.
We normally stay just outside of South Creake, which is a little village in North Norfolk. This means its about a fifteen minute drive to the beach, which I love! Also all of the beaches are dog friendly, which is very important as I have two dogs.
The first day that we arrived we went straight to Brancaster Beach, this is honestly one of my favourite places in the world. It’s where we put my old dogs ashes, but its also simply such a beautiful beach, you can walk for miles in any direction, there are sand dunes, and its dog friendly. But this beach holds so many memories for me, with friends and family. Back when I was 14-16, I even used to swim in the sea, I was totally crazy and would normally come out purple or blue (I don’t recommend it). But its the place I go to, when I need to escape, I simply love the beach. On Friday afternoon about 2pm, the sea was really really far out, so we decided to walk up to the sea, once you got about half way, the sun appeared and it was really warm!
Friday evening we went to my favourite pub in the world!! The White Horse in Brancaster Staithe. I just love this pub, the food, the atmosphere its all amazing. Of course I had to order a Bath Tub gin & tonic – it was delicious!
Also the view at the back of the pub is breathtaking, as the pub looks over the salt marshes. Every time I come here (which is about 3-4 times a year) I always take photos, I probably have hundreds of photos of the same place, but it never gets old, and the beauty of it never dies.
On Saturday morning we met up with some friends. Now not only did we meet up with friends, but we also met up with our dogs family. Sounds crazy, I know. But about five times throughout the year, we all meet up with our dogs. One time there was about 30 dogs. It’s just lovely to see everyone, and too see the dogs grow. I have two border collies who are Meisterwerk’s. On this occasion there where, eleven. We did a beach walk on Wells-Next-The-Sea, which is a really nice beach, and you can finish the walk going through the forrest. Otto got completely drenched, and ended up looking like drowned rat, but he LOVED it!! Rolo also had the best time.
And we finished the walk as always by going to Wells beach cafe, for a hot chocolate and a bit of cake – Perfection!!
Saturday afternoon took us to a castle, Castle Acre Norfolk. We spotted this as we where driving in the distance, and just decided to go and have a look.
This was a castle built in the 12th century by the Normans, its set in a rural village in Norfolk, four miles north from Swaffham. The ruins where really interesting and some great photos were taken, but also the views from the castle where incredible!!!
Sunday was more of a chilled day, we just spent it walking around Blakney, a walk on the beach and then just chilling out and reading.
Monday was our last morning, so of course our last morning was spent on the beach, back at Brancaster Beach. Just because, it truly is our favourite beach!!

Whilst I was in Norfolk I also picked up two things for my bedroom at uni. The first is this fish with shells hanging down. I actually already own this and its hanging in my bedroom, but I thought that it would be nice to have something I have at home in my new bedroom. Plus I love it.

Also I picked up two of these fake orchids. I really want to have flowers in my bedroom, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to keep them alive, so fake flowers is the way to go. I now need to find a vase. But orchids are my favourite flowers and these where really affordable and look really good as well!




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