What I’ve Brought For University So Far

So as I said in my ‘Big News‘ blog post, I am off to university in September to study Law.
(I’ve talked more about it in the linked blog post above.)
But I wanted to share with you some of the products and bits and bobs that I have brought so far to take with me to university.
Starting off with the kitchen, I really wanted to take a wooden or bamboo chopping board with me. I love to cook, and I do a lot of cooking. Personally I just prefer chopping on a wooden or bamboo chopping board, I find it to be a bit easier. So when my mum saw this in Wilko’s she picked it up for me. I like that its quite big as well… More space to add food to it!!
When I went to Crufts 2017, this year, I didn’t expect to purchase a set of kitchen knives. But when I saw this set, I went and asked if I could try using them before I purchased them. They said yes, and honestly whilst this set is really affordable, the quality of the knives are amazing! They can cut through tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions etc. As I said above, I love to cook, so finding good quality knives was really important to me, so I am super happy that I managed to get them. They where on offer for £10, and are normally priced at £11.99 I thought that it was a great purchase!
I find in a kitchen and in your utensil draw, teaspoons just go, like gold… It doesn’t matter how many times you wash them up, teaspoons are used constantly.
My mum brought me this really nice photo mug for my birthday. This mug is a really good size, but it also has photos of me and my dogs on it, so that as I drink my tea, I can look at my beautiful dogs… I am really going to miss them, when I leave for university.
Finally I picked up these really cool unique bowls in Tiger the other day, I just love how they aren’t perfect, the colour blue going into an ombre style is just beautiful. Also these bowls aren’t too big, which I also really like. Also I like that they don’t really match and aren’t perfect, for me thats something I really like. Plus lets be honest, they are going to be perfect for blog posts…
When I move into my room, which I’m really hoping will be with an ensuite… I wanted to bring certain things from home, to make it a little bit more homely. I want to design this room, too make it feel really welcoming and homely. So I am bringing three cushions from home, to add some home comforts into it.
The fox cushion cover was a gift about a year ago, the other two cushions are from home. The seaside cushion I picked up a few years ago whilst in Norfolk and the red cushion was from my grandma’s house.
Now its no secret, I own too much makeup for one person. So I brought this acrylic cosmetics holder a while ago, mainly so I can store in it my most used products.
Again another product that Ive had for a while, I still really want to save money, and every little bit helps as they say. So I picked up this money box from a charity shop, I gave a little and got something for myself as well.
My other two products one is from Tiger, its just a cute little dark blue glass jar. I have no idea what to put in this, but it looks pretty… As for the bunting, again, it adds a bit of colour to the room, and makes my room a bit more inviting and homely.
My auntie brought these for me last Christmas, and I thought because they are so nice and I wouldn’t normally buy these for myself that I would keep them for university as a little bit of luxury (well sort of) to get me started. The scents are Coconut and Wild Argan Oil.
My mum picked this up for me for my birthday also. I love the animal print on it, and lets be honest anything that Emma Bridgewater does is beautiful. Because of having to walk to the supermarket, my plan is to take this and a backpack, so I am limited to how much I can buy but I really don’t want to end up struggling back to my flat with four bags. So by just using this and a rucksack is going to be really useful and helpful, and hopefully help me to stop spending too much money!!
(Products that don’t have a link aren’t available online but are in store)
Have you got any tips on what I should purchase to take to uni? Let me know in the comments bellow!


  1. The bag and the Tiger bowls are so cute! Looks like you really are getting yourself prepared now! I missed my cats terribly when I first went to uni, it sucks but if you can, skyping them is actually the best ahah! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. If I start buying things now for university I can really turn my room into my room. That’s the plan anyway. I will miss my dogs terribly but yes Skype will come into play definitely. Thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the post xx

      Liked by 1 person

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