Beauty Haul

This year I decided to start not buying everything! I used to pick up all the new launches in the drugstore and really I just ended up broke.

Hence its been a while since I’ve done a haul.
I made the decision that if something ran out, they I could re purchase it, or try something new. So far thats actually going really well.
Of course I still buy beauty products, but I’m no longer buying the amount that I used too. My purse is thanking me for it too.
haul 1
So today I wanted to share some products that I recently picked up from Superdrug & Boots.
Recently I dyed my roots, and something that I also decided last year was that I’m going to stay blonde for a while, but I love using toners to create a different colour or finish on my hair. The beauty of using a toner means that it washes out, so its not permenant and its not going to damage my hair.
However getting hold of toners in the UK isn’t that easy, but last year I came across the Pixie Lotte Paint Wash Out range, and fell in love. This colour is calledStarlight
I have used this shade and another shade called ‘violet’. These work so beautifully and are so easy to use, I don’t even need any help applying this as I tend to apply it all over my head. They last really really well considering they are a wash out toner. But I find that I especially love using these if my hair is looking a bit dull or if I need to get rid of any yellow tones in my hair. The end result in using this is a grey purple tone! 
Also for hair, I repurchased the Vo5 Frizz Free Cream, I use this every time I wash my hair, and I tend to apply this before I blow-dry my hair. This helps to control any frizzy areas and it makes it easier to blow dry without any frizz, also this has a heat protectant in it, making it perfect to use with any heat styling tools. I truly love this product, and I think this is maybe my fourth tube of this! It always leaves my hair glossy, frizz free and in better condition!
For body care I picked up two products, the first being the Radox Stress Relief bubble bath. I love bubble bath and bubbles in my bath. I am a massive fan of the radox range and the scents are amazing, and I love it. This bubble bath is infused with rosemary and eucalyptus which are amazing at settling and calming your mind.
I also repurchased the Garnier Summer Body in Deep Sunkissed Look. This is my version of a fake tan. I am naturally very pale, but I also am lazy, and I can’t be bothered to actually fake tan, ruin my bedding and clothes, like I just can’t be bothered. So I use this, and I honestly use this all year round, but I up my use of it from March. I use this three times a week and it just gives a natural sunkissed look. I found that the original one of these, did nothing, and I couldn’t even tell that I was using it. However this one shows up on my skin, and it just makes me feel a lot less pale! 
Moving onto makeup, I recently purchased the Barry M Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray. I ran out of my beloved ELF Makeup Mist & Set, which isn’t that easy to pick up in the uk, so I picked up this setting spray. I have been using this now for about two weeks and its amazing! If you love that glowing look, you will love this setting spray. Everything is sprayed into place and does not budge throughout the day at all, but it also gives this gorgeous dewy glowing finish! Its a winner!
Finally my holy grail eyebrow pencil came back into stock. Its the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil, this has been out of stock in store, online, and in my head I was thinking ‘is this being discontinued?? What am I going to do???’. Luckily however it is not being discontinued, and I managed to pick another one up, I have been using my current Archery Brow Pencil sparingly, as I didn’t want it to run out on me until I had purchased a new one.
As for skincare, this seems to be all about face masks.
I picked up a new Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Face Mask, there is a review on this mask coming up very soon, there is this one and another one which I am struggling to get my hands on, which are new!
I also brought one of the new sheet face masks from Orgins, TalkBeckyTalk and Origins recently did a collaboration for #internationalteaday which was, spend five pounds on their website and receive for FREE a full size product of the Orgins Rituali Tea Matcha Madness Revitalizing Powder Face Mask, again there will be a blog post on this product and the sheet mask soon. I couldn’t really believe that I was getting this mask for free, as it normally retails for £32!! THATS INSANE RIGHT?!!
The face mask that I picked up is the Flower Fusion Lavender Soothing Sheet Mask. I always have been such a lover of the scent of lavender, pretty much anything that has lavender in, I love. I find its amazing at relaxing me before bed. So of course, before I tried any other sheet mask from Origins, I had to try this one!
The shipping was free, so I literally spent just five pounds and I also got a sample of the GinZing Eye Cream free, which I will probably do an add on to one of the origins blog posts on my thoughts on it.
So those are all of the products that I have recently purchased! Are there any new products out there, that you think I should get my hands on? Let me know in the comments below!
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