Origins Rituali Tea Matcha Madness Face Mask

A couple of weeks ago, it was international tea day. (26/04/2017) Origins & TalkBeckyTalk teamed up together, to give away a free full size product of the Origins Rituali Tea Matcha Madness revitalizing Powder Face Mask, all you had to do was spend £5 on the Origins website!! It also had free delivery! Even better.
So I purchased a sheet mask, (the review will be coming soon for it) and in return I got given the Match Madness Powder Face Mask for free!
(Its not compulsory to drink green tea whilst wearing the mask.)
I have been using this powder mask now for about four weeks now and I have to say, I like it, but its weird. I think in the beauty society we have got so used to mud masks and sheet masks, so this is a little bit different for all of us. The one thing I really like about this, is that you can control how much you use. The waste of this mask is very minimal.
Every Wednesday since I received this mask, I have been using this matcha mask as my mid week face mask. It has made such a difference to my skin, it doesn’t break me out (thats really good), it brightens up my skin tone, its even helped to even out the texture on my skin.


When mixing the mask to create the paste, I add one level teaspoon of the powder to a bowl, I then add about one teaspoon to one and half tea spoons into the bowl with the powder. I then mix this up with a flat foundation brush. (I have one that I always use for face masks). The powder combined with the water creates a creamy constancy, making it really easy to apply to your face. (again I use a foundation brush to do this).
Once the mask is on, you simply just sit back and relax for ten minutes. Normally I find myself either reading a book, or watching a youtube video. Ten minutes easily goes by, but because its only a ten minute mask, I feel that so many people can easily fit that in to their lives and routine. Making it suitable for everyone no matter how busy they are!
When the ten minutes is up, I remove the mask using warm water, I pat my face dry and then I move on to my skincare routine.
Some of the main ingredeints in this mask are:
Green tea – reduces inflammation 
Sweet almond oil – helps prevent breakouts
Lavender oil – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory 
Hyaluronic acid – hydrating
Caffeine – reduces excess fluid build up in the skin
It truly is the perfect mid week mask. Plus its green, and you sort of end up looking like a scary monster!!
This mask is suitable for all skin types, and is incredibly gentle on the skin.
I would definitely recommend this mask, whilst yes it is rather expensive, you probably get over 15 uses out of it, which personally I think is really good!
Origins RitualiTea Matcha Madness Revitalizing Powder Face Mask
Available at Look Fantastic, Origins, Feel Unique, John Lewis etc
Have you tried out this mask? What did you think of it?
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