The Holy grail – Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Over the years I feel like the makeup brush game has evolved and changed dramatically. Back in 2011 when I started my training as a makeup artist (finished in 2012 – worked in the fashion & film industry), I used the classic flat foundation brush. I never thought that I would need another type of foundation brush.
But since 2011 you can now use, a round foundation brush, a kabuki, a flat foundation brush, a beauty blender, a stippling brush, the list could go on and on forever.
However in 2013 I picked up my first Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques. It was one of those really hyped makeup brushes, and I just thought, ill give it a go.
Now in 2017, it is my holy grail foundation brush, if I ever try out a new foundation, I always try it out and apply it with this brush. Because I know how this brush works, and I adore the finish it gives.
The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is really firm, but quite round and large, this makes it so easy to buff the foundation into your skin giving you a flawless airbrushed finish.
One of my favourite thing about this brush is that you can use it with powder foundations, liquid, cream and stick. It is so versatile and unique.
Something I didn’t do on myself back in 2011 was spend enough time buffing products into my skin. Especially foundation, I find that if my foundation looks good, it enhances my skin, it makes all of my makeup on my face look instantly better.
Real Techniques is a brand that I have honestly grown to love so much. Their brushes are really affordable, but the quality is amazing, I would say its actually higher than other brush brands. I love the fact that you can pick it up in Boots and Superdrug. It really is really accessible.
Another thing that I love about Real Techniques is that all of their brushes are one hungered percent cruelty free. Each brush is made with synthetic talon bristles. This means that all of the brushes bristles are really soft, but they work. The fact that also no animals were hurt in the process of making these brushes is also incredible! It really should be something that we all look for nower days. Real Techniques have proved that you don’t need to use human or animal hair, you don’t need to harm any animals at all when you create a beautiful makeup brush.
If you have never tried a Real Techniques brush, try this one first, because it truly is a beautiful foundation brush. It makes applying foundation so much easier.
I also love to use this to blend in cream blusher and bronzer. In makeup and makeup brushes, there are no rules! Just because a brush says its for foundation, doesn’t mean you just have to use it for foundation. Be brave, be bold and different. What ever you choose to use this brush for, try it! Its worth every penny!
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
My glam geek review of this brush
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