April & May TV Series Favourites

Hello, and yes its time for another favourites blog post. By just doing it every two months, I find it a bit more enjoyable actually!

So today, this post has gone live and at 6pm my youtube video will go live, over there I talk all about my favourite beauty products that I have been loving! Definitely check it out!

But over here, I thought I would talk about some of my favourite tv shows that I am really enjoying at the moment. Some is a bit of an understatement, theres quite a lot and a range of genres too!
Sooooo, lets get started, as there is a lot to get through.


I really enjoyed this tv series, I already love the actress Britt Robertson, I’ve seen her in The Longest Ride and Life Unexpected which both I really enjoyed. So I knew that I liked her style of acting prior to watching this series. I finished season 1 of Girlboss in 72hrs. Yup.


Britt Robertson plays Sophia, who is a misfit, she finds her love for fashion, but isn’t really a business type of women. This tv show takes your through her struggles of life, as a fashion lover, owner of a company along with falling in love etc.

If you are looking for an easy watch, this is a really good tv series! Hurry up season 2!!!!


p.s That jacket!! I WANT IT!!!

Pretty Little Liars

I have been a fan of PPL since season 2, I watched one episode and when back to the beginning to catch up and watch all of the seasons. I can’t really believe its about to end, that saddens me a little bit.


If you have never watched Pretty Little Liars, its all about four friends, who go through high school and beyond high school, fighting against an anonymous being who threatens to reveal all of their darkest secrets.


Seven seasons on, and I’m still addicted to this tv show as I was back in 2011 (the tv series started in 2010). I really want to know who A is, but at the same time, I don’t, because once we all find out who A is, thats it, the shows over!
I have my suspicions about who A is I think A is…..


Who do you think A is? Let me know in the comments!


I love this show, its sort of similar to Pretty Little Liars, but less dark in my opinion. A group of friends explore small town life. But of course there are always secrets, no matter how big or small your town is. Some of the secrets aren’t that bad, but some, some are shocking! Oh and theres also a death!


My favourite character on Riverdale, controversially it is JugHead… He is simply so nice, and cute lets be honest! He’s different, and not the typical high school kind of guy! (I’m ok he’s actually 24!!).  Jughead is the second one on the right!


There are two sides to each and every town, but its up to the friends to find their side and do they even belong on each others side of town!
Again I am waiting for season 2 to come out! I miss my Friday viewings of Riverdale!

The Durrells

I grew up hearing about Gerald Durrell, I had the books that he wrote in my bookshelf at home. So when I saw that The Durrells was becoming a tv series, I knew I had two watch it. Currently season 2 is airing now, we are mid season as we speak.

The Durrells is a series about the life of the Durrells, the most famous one being Gerald Durrell, who was obsessed with pets, I’m talking pelicans, otters, dogs, donkeys, snakes etc. The Durrells ended up moving to live on a Corfu island in 1933, after his fathers death. They lived here until 1939. The Durrells are a very eccentric family. They arent quite that normal.


This tv series, shows you their life, their adventures, its an easy but a brilliant watch, every episode leaves me laughing. My favourite characters have to be Gerry and Margo (Gerry’s Sister). I sometimes feel like I have a bit of Margo in me…


Incase you didn’t know, Gerald Durrell went on to open a zoo in Jersey, which works to save species from extinction, it has been a dream of mine for years and still is, to one day visit the zoo.

If you love animals, and laughing, you will love this tv show!

P.S I would quite like a pelican as a pet….But saying that, I also really really want a pig as a pet…)


If you like tv shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Orphan Black you are going to like this, however forget the vampires and clones, we are talking werewolves.


Elena, spends season 1 not really wanting to be in the back, however her surcumstances change. If you like good looking men or women, this is a great tv show to watch. Season 1 and 2 are now on Netflix (uk), and again. I went through season 1 in about a week and season 2 in about five days.


There is blood and gore and some amazing special effects makeup. Most werewolves are male, yet Elena is the only living female werewolf, this isn’t normal in their world.
Theres a pact, there are rules, some are broken, but nothing good comes from braking the packs rules!

What are some of your favourite tv shows? Let me know in the comments below! I am in need of finding some new ones to watch!

Also if you want to see my beauty favourites, then click here, to be linked to my youtube channel!


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