Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

Are you the type of girl who wants to fake tan, but doesn’t want to ruin the bed sheets? If so, I have just found that product!

Naturally I am pale, I have been using on and off the Garnier Deep Sunkissed gradual tan for quite a few years, and whilst I still think thats an amazing product, you can’t use it daily, it can go patchy and it can also leave you orange if you use it too much.
As a pale person, fake tan scares me! I don’t want to be left orange or patchy, but I wished that I could find a fake tan that suits me and my needs.
I first heard about Bondi Sands through an Australian youtuber called Lauren Curtis. Her tan always looked really really great and not to over the top. However for years Bondi Sands just wasn’t available in the UK. Now however it is sold at Superdrug and Boots.
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Bondi Sands is a tanning product that up to salon quality formulas. Bondi Sands is about the sea, sand and sun, and the lifestyle that comes with it. This tanning range is accessible to everyone and anyone, however you choose to tan, the formulas behind the tan give a naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes your skin, making sure that you stay bronzed for longer! Bondi Sands is owned and made in Australia, it is also completely cruelty free.
Finally I picked up the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tanning Oil. This is not greasy, which is amazing, and it sinks into the skin really quickly.
When you massage the oil into the skin, it is a dry oil, it does however leave your skin feeling a bit tacky for about five minutes (I would advise not getting dressed for five minutes). Over two to three hours the tan develops, you don’t need to wash it off either, and it can last up to a week. It gives you the finish of you being on holiday in the sun, with a gorgeous sun kissed look, and yes you do look tan, just not over the top.
I have been using this tan now every day for a about two weeks, and I will probably give my skin a day off from it on Sunday, and just use a normal moisturiser. However this is so easy to use, it has a gorgeous coconut scent, which personally I really like, it doesn’t have that strange fake tan scent which I normally hate.
before and after
This gradual tanning oil is infused with Coconut and Argan Oil, making it really hydrating to your skin, in the time that I’ve been using this, it hasn’t rubbed off on any clothes, bedding or towels.
The coconut sent does disappear once you’ve massaged this into your skin. I don’t use a tanning mit when applying this, I simply start by doing one spray in my hands, then I massage that in, then I move on to the rest of my body, and I then wash my hands at the end of tanning. This way I feel as though I’m getting a bit of a tan on my hands, but I won’t have any patchiness or orange marks left on my hands – so far this works!
In the Bondi Sands tanning range the liquid gold range is their longest lasting tan they offer. You can also purchase the Liquid Gold Dry Tanning Oil as just a fake than, that you can use once or twice a week, that gives you a more intense tan, also if you are looking for a more intense look, Bondi Sands recommend applying another layer thirty minutes after you first apply. Again this tan develops over two to three hours, and you also don’t need to wash it off. I think next time I repurchase I will go for their liquid gold that isn’t the gradual tan one, just to see what I prefer.
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After having a fear for many years of fake tan, I think I have finally found the one that I love and will continue to love, I don’t think I’m scared of fake tan anymore. I have not had any patchiness from the liquid gold gradual tan, my skin feels soft and hydrated and the finish, has left me feeling confident and tanned. No longer am I that girl who was really pale! Now I’m bronzed, tanned and feeling brilliant!
Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tanning Oil
Available at Boots & Superdrug
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    • I find it just gives a really natural tan, when I used to use the Garnier one, if I used it too much it did look fake! Glad I’m not the only one who’s jumped on the Bondi Sands band wagon. Thank you for reading my post x

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