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The other day I was sat thinking about some of my favourite blog posts that I love to write and share my thoughts with you all, I seem to post a lot of face mask reviews. Which honestly I love, because there is nothing more relaxing than a face mask… (well maybe a day at the spa, but I’ll keep dreaming about that..)

So todays blog post is ironically another sheet mask review.
Origins was always I brand that I thought and still do actually, that is a high end skincare brand. You can now pick it up in Boots, but its pricey compared to Botanics, Garnier, L’Oreal etc. So Months and months ago the Origins Flower Fusion sheet face mask came out, whilst I did my order of the Matcha Madness Powder Mask, I also picked up this mask!
Five pounds! Honestly I think thats amazing for a brand like Origins to have such an affordable line, its no more expensive than MaskerAide, which is also priced a five pounds.
There are six masks to choose from:
– Raspberry = Refreshing
– Rose = Hydrating
– Violet = Nourishing
– Jasmine = Softening
– Lavender = Soothing
– Orange = Radiance Boosting
I of course followed my addiction of all things lavender and picked that one. Let me first of state, it did not disappoint!

This mask is a very thick sheet mask, when its on the face it does add a bit of pressure, but its not too heavy, it is quite a nice feeling of having a bit of pressure on your face. Whilst it may be thick its also saturated in the Origins serum, making it extremely relaxing, the scent of lavender as always just instantly relaxed me.
This sheet mask is quite a quick one, as you only leave it on your skin for ten minutes, however I’m sure if you left it on for fifteen it wouldn’t really matter. Once the mask is off, I massaged the excess serum on my face into my face, as well as down my neck and on to my chest.
Inside the pocket for the mask there was quite a lot of serum left in there, so I kept it and continued to use the left over serum as my evening serum, this helps the mask to improve my skin even more!
I noticed a massive difference the next day, my skin looked more fresh, radiant, over the next few days, whilst using the serum, I noticed that my skins texture and tone improved.
My skin looked less red, and it wasn’t dry or too oily either!
before during after
Overall I think this face mask has become one of my favourite sheet masks, its so easy to use, and the results are brilliant! Also a massive thank you to Origins, for bringing out an affordable but high quality sheet mask! Try this, you won’t regret it!
Origins Uk
Flower Fusion Sheet Mask
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  1. […] Origins Flower Fusion Lavender Sheet Mask – When high end luxury brands create affordable skincare for people like me who aren’t rich, it makes me very happy! This is a GORGEOUS mask, and is really hydrating and calming on the skin. The Flower Fusion range is brilliant and I will definitely repurchase this mask and I might try a few other ones from this range too! See what I’m on about by reading up on this mask a bit more here. […]


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