Miss Patisserie

Is Lush coming to Boots?

Ok its not really Lush, but it might just be better! If you love bath bombs, then you need to keep reading this post.
A while ago on Instagram, I saw that Boots where bringing out some bath bombs!! HURAHHHHH!! (I don’t live near a Lush).
Well it turns out they have brought a new brand into store called ‘Miss Patisserie’, this brand sells, bath bombs, bath bomb crumbles, body scrub, bath oils, bath melts, bath slabs (think Zoella Fizz Bar), body souflle. The best bit, is that its all under £20!!!
When I saw these products in store, I was shocked in a really good way, and sort of just stood there for a bit looking at all of the beautiful products for about ten minutes!
I love baths you see.
But I want to tell you a bit more about the brand before I tell you about the product that I picked up.
When you pick up an item they all say on the packaging; ‘Honest, Vegan Skincare’.
And honestly I love this, they aren’t hiding anything. I love Lush, but not all of their products are vegan, and whilst the selection of Miss Patisserie isn’t as large as Lush, its really good! I was not disappointed at all!
Miss Patisserie was created in 2009 but Charlotte Simoes, who had a great love for beauty and design. Hence Simoes designed a range of unique bathing products!
The skincare is created for the ethical women of today, who wants to best out of their skincare.
Miss Patisserie pride themselves on using this finest natural ingredients that they can find, this includes butters, oils, clays, muds, minerals, salts, flowers and essential oils. But all of their products are free from GMOS, Parabens, mineral oils, aswell as being gluten free! The products are tested on humans only. Every product is vegan and cruelty free. (Except the Pink Clay Powdered Face Mask which is vegetarian.)
The products all have a shelf life of 12-24 months meaning, you can stock up so theres always something with a bit of luxury waiting to be used!
So as this a new brand, I actually only picked up one product, because I’m trying to hold myself from back from being a crazy beauty shopaholic!! (its sort of working).
But as I don’t live near a Boots, of course I had to pick up a bath bomb.
The bath bomb that I picked up is called Ziggy, this bath bomb, has notes of musk as well as incense, which is accompanied with exotic mandarin. This bath bomb also has been dipped in golden Shea butter.
When using this bath bomb, it turns the water a navy blue. Because of the size of the bath bomb it does take a while for it to fully fizz, I would recommend putting it in your bath whilst its running.
I truly found this bath bomb to be beautiful, it left my skin feeling really nourished and hydrated, that of course is thanks to the Shea butter.
Overall I would highly recommend these bath bombs, I believe they are only really sold in large Boots stores, but if you don’t live near a Lush, these bath bombs are amazing! I will definitely be trying out more products from the range!
Miss Patisserie Ziggy Bath Ball
Have you tried this range yet? What are your favourite products from the range? Let me know in the comments.
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  1. I recently tried this brand and I loved their bath bombs! I actually got 4 of them as they had them on buy one get one half price at the time. I love that you can buy them from boots website and get them sent to your local store, which is great if you don’t happen to have a larger boots store nearby! I adore Lush but this company is so good too! I need to try their other products at some point!

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