Five Tips For A Great Nights Sleep

Sleep is so important, it helps us rest, recover, relax, switch off. Today I want to share my top tips of how to get a good nights sleep.

I have struggled with sleep for years, its something that I’m only now able to completely switch off. I’ve learnt tips and tricks along the way. I suffered with insomnia for years and years, it really messed me up. Something that I didn’t really understand back then that well, was that if I didn’t get a good nights sleep I would really suffer the next day. Also lack of sleep affects me really badly, it triggers my anxiety dramatically, it also increases the likely hood of me having a panic attack. So if I dont sleep, it doesn’t really set me off for the best start the next day.
Sleepy Time Tea
This has been a massive game changer for me, I love and always do have a cup of Pukka Night Time Tea before bed, every night. I try to have it an hour before bed as this really relaxes and calms me down.
pukka tea
This tea is infused with Oat flowers, chamomile, lavender, lime flowers and valerian root.
Valerian is known as natural sleep aid.
I like to leave the tea bag in, and let it infuse for about fifteen minutes before I start drinking it. It is quite a strong taste, but I’ve never found something as effective as this to help me sleep.
If you are a night owl, but you really need to get some rest, or if your someone who struggles with sleep, this is a perfect drink to have before bed!
pukka night time tea
Chamomile tea also works well I find, but nothing compares to this tea.
Magnesium Oil Spray
Magnesium Oil is something I have been using now for over six months. I love to use this especially if I’ve been working out, it really helps to recover and relax my muscles, especially if I’ve been lifting weights.
But I also use this when I’m feeling stressed or tense. Only a few sprays are needed in each area, it can give a slight tingling sensation, this I find helps to show me that its really working, and also it shows that we are slightly difichant in magnesium.
mageniusm oil spray
The BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight spray, combines, essential magnesium, chamomile, bergamot and clary sage to helps soothe the senses, whilst calming and relaxing the body. Magnesium spray has been proven to raise magnesium levels in our body faster than traditional tablets.
10 sprays used all over your body delivers a minimum of 180mg which is essential for our body.
When ever I’ve been stressed, tense, or had a really hard workout I reach for this, and apply it about thirty minutes prior to going to sleep, and it works every single time.
When I first found out about meditation, I never found one that I could always do, and that worked, that I didn’t get bored of.
But since then I have found someone who not only does meditation, she creates cookbooks and is a wellness body coach. Madeleine Shaw.
Now if any of my friends happen to be reading this, then you guys know how much I rave about Madeleine Shaw.
I find her voice to be really soothing and relaxing.
To the point that I have even saved on my phone a meditation folder, full of her meditations.
Every night just before I fall asleep I have been meditating for ten minutes each and every night.
This has potentially been the biggest game changer for me in my sleep.
inahle exhale
Doing a ten minute meditation before I fall asleep, allows my mind to fully switch off, all the chatter going on in my brain stops, and I can fully relax. I simply just lie down on my bed and zone out to the beautiful and relaxing voice of Madeleine Shaw.
When the meditation is over, I simply click off, and roll over and instantly fall asleep. I’ve even been known to fall asleep mid meditation, and I briefly wake up, and think ‘ah I fell asleep’ and  I turn my phone off and fall back asleep.
I end up having a more relaxed and deep sleep doing meditation, I no longer wake up a million times throughout the night for no reason.
In fact writing this blog post, has made me really relaxed.
Cold Room
Make sure your room is nice and cool and cold before you head to sleep.
A cool room room helps to product melatonin in your body, telling you its time to sleep. This is a natural process, and one thats so easy to achieve.
If during the night your room is too hot, your body starts to wake up and works to cool and regulate your temperature, hot temperatures decrease your sleep wave, meaning you may wake up, and want to change because your too hot.
cool room
Before I have my night time tea, I always open my window wide, allowing the cool air to flow into my room. If its really hot I will have a fan on, whilst this just moves the air around the room, it also cools down the area that you are in.
I struggle now to fall asleep in a warm place, when I come up for bed, and just before I do my meditation I close my window, or half close it depending what the weather is like.
Set The Mood
I find setting the mood is a great addition to any night time routine. I love to use my oil diffuser with either lavender oil or nag champa oil. Both of these scents are really calming, relaxing and aid a good nights sleep.
I normally put my diffuser on about two hours before I go to sleep, so that the scent realises in my room, I also have my diffuser by my bed, i can choose whether to have just the mist on or the light as well, but I find the changing colours of the light to be really relaxing, almost like I’m in a spa.
oil diffuser and scent
I would love to say that I don’t have my phone in my bedroom at night, but I do, but something I do use is the ‘night shift’ on my iPhone, I set the times for 10pm till 9am, and this makes the light on my phone warmer, so its not as in your face. I also always put my phone on night mode, this means if any texts, calls or notifications come in whilst I’m asleep, I won’t hear my phone ping or vibrate. This is a big game changer and one that really does make a difference.
iphone night shift
Another thing I always do at night is apply lavender oil to my pillow, the scent of lavender oil is known to help make it easier to fall asleep, I find the scent really relaxing and it reminds me of sleep – there for creating a habit.
One other habit that I like to do is to apply hand cream just before I go to sleep, during the day we wash our hands a lot, and moisture sort of escapes our hands, so I find night time to be the perfect time to add moisture back, and it truly has the time to sink in as we are just relaxing at night.
When I apply night cream, I find because I do it every night, it tells my body that I am winding down and getting ready to sleep.
Do you have any tips for a good nights sleep?? Let me know in the comments below!! Happy sleeping everyone! x
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