Barry M Mist & Fix Setting Spray

I can’t believe I haven’t done a blog post on this product, because it truly deserves a blog post!

When we do our makeup in the morning or evening, none of us want to slide off throughout the day, which of course is where a setting spray comes in. For years I have been loyal to the Elf Makeup Mist and Set, but this Barry M Mist & Fix Dewy setting spray comes close for me.

In this range there are two setting sprays a dewy finish and a matt finish.
I am yet to try the matt finish, purely because I find a matt look can make your face look really flat, hence I lean towards a dewy finish.

This settings spray leaves your skin feeling fresh and my makeup does last longer throughout the day. I also find myself spraying my face with this throughout the day just to add a refresh to my look.


This spray is really light and reduces the appearance of skin impurities. Also if you live in the city it protects your skin from dirt and pollution, which is always an added bonus I find.

The way I like to use this setting spray is a few ways.

  • Either after I have finished the base of my makeup to set it in place and I do a cross over my face to seal in the base.
  • Or I use this at the end of my makeup look, and spray in a T, and then a cross as well to lock my makeup into place all day long.

You only get 50ml, which is amazing for the price (£4.99) but it does mean that you go through the bottle quickly if you use it daily and more than once a day.

Barry M is a brand that is known for being cruelty free, but this spray and the matt one is also vegan!

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