Battle Of The Hand Creams


As a person who uses hand cream every night, it’s important to find the right one and the one that actually works.

So I have picked my top three hand creams all from the high street.

Botanics Fast Absorbing Hand Cream:

This is the hand cream I use every evening, it sinks in quickly and it always leaves my hands feeling moisturised. It’s particularly good for normal and dry skin. And in the winter I find I end up using hand cream a lot more because my skin definitely needs it. If I go out for the day this is usually the hand cream I take because it sinks in quickly.

Botanics Fast Absorbing Hand Cream £2.89


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream:

If your looking for a seriously nourishing hand cream then this is it. It’s not really a cream its more of a balm and only a small amount of this balm is needed.

This balm is brilliant to use with moisturising gloves as I find you need that extra time to allow the balm to sink in. If your hands are really dry this is what you need.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream £3.99

Soap & Glory Hand Food:

I guess this is most popular hand cream I ever hear anyone talking about, and I agree it’s a brilliant hand cream.

This really helps soothe hands and it’s moisturising and has an incredible scent. If you’ve ever tried this hand cream you know what I’m talking about. This is like an everyday hand cream.

Soap & Glory Hand Food £2.50


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